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Ours no longer seals and the on/off switch for the oven has now broken beyond repair. I want a good deal on a new one but don't want to pay for features that I don't need. I'd love input on this. Any ideas what to buy and where to get it. Any and all info is appreciated! TIA
Canned tomatoes: $.39 each (several varieties: stewed, italian, mexican, diced, whole etc.)
Can I ask what you use the Colloidal Silver for? Is the "Silver Shield" brand one that you have used before? I see other brands less expensive elsewhere so just checking first
Quote: Originally Posted by Amys1st Me neither! We are needing a change of scene for a few days so we are going to So Cal to knock around for a few days. Being in the midwest, this winter has proven to be brutal plus we havent gotten away as a family in 3 years. We will go to Disney because dd1 asked to go. Personally one day is fine since there is no way she would convince us to do a "vacation" at a disney place. That for us is not a vacation but a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Valkyrie9 Are we just sharing tips, or are you looking specifically for your trip? If we're just sharing, I just booked yurt reservations at an Oregon coast state park for $30/night. We love the coast, but I'm not ready to try camping with a toddler, and hotels are $$$. So we figured a yurt would be a great compromise. We'll have 5 days/4 nights for $120 total lodging cost (less booking fee of $6/reservation). I've...
We have one. We bought it used from my BIL, the chronic upgrader. He had had it for a few months and wanted a new one. We love it!! I don't think that we would have bought it used from anyone we didn't know well because you never know if it might have problems or something. KWIM? We've had it now for about 7-8years and pulled it out on christmas day to video the kids and BIL said "Oh, you still have that thing" : He must have felt like he was looking at a dinosaur. We've...
I highly recommend the book " The Complete Tightwad Gazette". This book caused a complete paradigm shift in my life. Have the 16yo read it too, and I was going to recommend trying to get him to go to work PT to help out the family.
we use Tide Original Powder. I think the diaper sprayer is what keeps our dipes from being stained.
Do you know? Should you wash on hot dry it on high? It takes a while to dry. How many washes/dry until it's ready? thanks!
At our house we don't serve crackers, chips, cookies, or brownies or anything like that for snacks. Very rarely have a cookie or brownie for dessert. Not judging just explaining. It takes merely seconds to prepare a carrot and kids love to peel them in my experience If a child eats half a sandwich ,for instance, at lunch the other half becomes a snack. A small portion of last nights supper, an organic apple takes no time at all, just wash it and bite, string cheese,...
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