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Pardon my ignorance please but what is a "deed in leiu"? Is that the same thing as giving the bank the keys? Doesn't that affect your credit score? And show up when your social is run? Thanks to you wise souls for answering this.
My grocery store does this ALL THE TIME!! I'm not kidding. At least I've learned that as soon as I check out no matter how tired, sick, or myself or the kids are I stand at the end of the checkout and scrutinize my receipt. Ocassionally they give me the item for free but they at least adjust the price. They used to call someone up everytime to go check the price but anymore they don't. They know that I'm right and that I'm going to call them on it when things ring up...
I'm in! I need help knowing what to do with: steaks fish strawberries cottage cheese black beans a whole turkey I'd love a few crockpot recipes if anyone has any to share.
Have you tried XL Fuzzi bunz? What is he wearing under the BSW's? Or are you using the snap ins with them so they are an Ai2??
Yeah, I don't mean to be a party pooper about it either but last year I noticed that some of the winners were actually WAHM's who sell this stuff. Why should they get free stuff and prizes from it? KWIM? Kinda turned me off a little, but that's just my 2CENTS.
BEAUTIFUL!! I need some good news today
Sure! I understand what you're saying about that one bag of rice/flour. I was just wondering if there is a way to prevent further infestation of your pantry? I hate pestisides but is there something like that or a natural way to completely get them out of your house once it's infested?? KWIM?
So how do you get rid of the meal moths and worms????!!!!!!
We have a local chinese restaurant that advertises several places w/ BOGO 3 item combo plates. It is $6 for 2 huge heaping trays of food. It's the only one that I've found that comes close to the same price as cooking at home. For smaller children sometimes you can get away with taking them someplace like McDonald's to play and getting a yogurt fruit parfait for each of them. It's realitively healthy and inexpensive at $1 each for the "snack" size. It works well as a...
Quote: Originally Posted by notwonamesalike I get my produce from a local family farm here in town - but Albertsons beats the competition in this area hands down for other items when you take full advantage of their coupon policy. I often walk out of there with 100-200 dollars of groceries for 30-40 bucks. Could you explain the full coupon policy? I'm constantly looking for ways to save with coupons! : thank you!
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