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If while in a mentally unstable stated assaulted your child and caused them severe brain damage? This came up recently and though the whole situation is just the saddest most terrible thing. I am shocked the woman is staying with him as it was due it's mental illness. What would you do?
He is way to young for food. Make the room very dark and very quiet and nurse him there skin to skin also helps them to eat. Even to feed him a bottle. Skin to skin. If he hasn't eaten much in a week I would take him to the dr. How many ounces is he drinking a day right now?
I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet Violet.
I think it's extreme. But I kind of like it.
I'm right there with you. No advice just know your not alone
Yep. No fever and it doens't really get worse. I just realize after a week of crankiness I should take him in and sure enough every time its an ear infection (only three times but still) also she was sick, its that time of year. Her behavior to me sounds like she is uncomfortable.   Also sometimes for my son its a stimulation thing too. I know this sounds weird but if he doesnt get to get really dirty for a long time he sometimes has a hard time. Yesterday he dumped a...
I would take her in to check for other issues. My sons only indicated for an ear infection is behavior.
I would not especially not on heparin which is les predictable the lovenox and I would not do it on love of. Also because you have already had a dvt this pregnancy the blood thinners are not just a precaution like when I have to take them. Also too far from the hospital for me.
The yellow poop is it formed? Sounds normal of not
I would try cutting it down to two naps a day see if that helps.
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