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I am an Organic Goat DairyWoman. I live in the Poconos with my wonderful husband. We have been farming for seven years now and I believe with my whole heart, that a farm is the most perfect place to raise and homeschool a child. Hands on experience with life and food. Not to mention, a plus for us that our little ones will be able to help with chores.  
I have heard of mothers making breast milk popsicles for their babes while they are teething. I plan on trying this with my first child due in just a couple of months. 
And as for tips...try volunteering a couple of hours at a local farm. Most times when we have volunteers come to work we send them home with a little care package of some veggies, and or cheese. Growing your own food is a biggie on our list. Even a couple of tomato plants can save quite a bit of money when you think about how much a good ripe, non GMO tomato costs at the market.  
I have liked and shared on my timeline. I am hoping to win so bad! I am an organic goat dairywoman and this would be the best startup kit for my cloth diapering experiance for our first child. Even if we don't win...I am happy thrilled to get your updates on my newsfeed. Thank you for all that you do!
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