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Congrats! What a great birth story! Welch Valencia!
Chica - totally know what you mean about them wanting to sleep next to you! At first I tried to put him on his back a little ways away from me but have up. He seriously scoots & rolls back to me. He prefers to be belly to belly with his head very near my breast. Often he buries it under but I don't like that. If I just put his cheek on it so he's touching but on top he seems fine... It's so cute! I still haven't written up my birth story - it will be long & I want the...
I think you don't want to do kegels for awhile - longer if you tore. Need to heal first. Not sure about ab exercises. I think I'd wait 2-3 weeks at least. Need your body to heal first. Your uterus is still shrinking & organs falling back into place...
I'm doing pretty well in babyland...&hoping to write up my birth story today. Need to get on my computer...
We're totally loving prefolds with the wool shorties that I knit. I made 2 of them & that's been great so far. We have about 25-30 small prefolds & so far can wash every other day. But we're only on day 5. Tried some of the random covers & AIO that I have & not happy with them. I don't know the fold, but we do a trifold the long way then fold open the back - it seems to create a pocket to catch most of the poop then fold over the front which works for our guy then snappi...
Congrats Ginger! Glad it all went well!
So it turns out that we heard the nurse wrong - Porter was 21.5" according to the hospital records they send home. We thought he was longer than 20.5."    MamaB can you update the original post?   Thanks!
Here's the thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1370186/welcome-porter-miller-brune#post_17200633 Porter Miller Brune 12-13-12 9:34 am 9lb 6oz 20.5". He's a boy - I guess the name is abi ambiguous - we didn't realize that! 42 wks gestation!
It's been a long haul mamas! I'll post the whole story later. But our son Porter Miller Brune was born 12-13-12 at 9:34 am 9lb 6oz 20.5" & 14" head! It was an intended homebirth that started Sunday & ended today at the hospital. He's super sweet & squishy!
Anne comgrats! I'm so jealous!
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