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Oh, here's the direct link to the carseat ratings: http://www.healthystuff.org/bw.080311.carseats.php
OMG I feel the same way. I can get totally overwhelmed and my DH sometimes thinks I'm over the top. I try to focus on some things and others let go.   I eat organic as much as possible, go with low toxicity rated body products from skin deep, use plastic as little as possible and definitely don't microwave in it, we got rid of all the last non-stick pan that we had earlier this year...and try to use low toxicity cleaning products. On the cleaning products, DH is not...
Can we come back to this thread? I feel like hubs and I have run out of positions for intercourse and we just don't do it now. I know we can do non intercourse things, but I'd love some ideas for intercourse positions. Neither of use are that big on oral sex (I know weird huh!).   Me on top - Works for me but I'm too heavy now for him. Is there a way that others have found to make it lighter for him? Him on top - he squishes my belly and it's too hard for him to be...
Wow, that sounds painful. I agree with all the advice so far. I just wanted to say about Arnica tablets - first, it doesn't directly reduce pain, but will help reduce inflammation and bruising, which in time will help reduce pain. There might be a more appropriate homeopathic for a broken bone, but I don't know what it is, maybe someone else does. For the arnica would suggest a high dose in this situation as high as you can purchase 200c if you can get it. The topical...
After I posted, I realize I missed the whole 2nd page! Wow mamas!   Sego - congrats~   Andrea - your daughter is super creative and mischieveious! Wow, I would be so upset to find that when I woke up...   Chica - sorry to hear about all the visa craziness! Can you just make a decision to stay until February or something so you have some clarity? It seems so hard to not know where you'll be.
Hi Everyone! I don't have it in me right now for personal responses. I did read them all though!   I'm definitely planning on going late. I think in my mind I've been thinking in the 2 weeks past range though. So if I go past 42 weeks, emotionally that will be hard. Although, I keep worrying about these BH and wondering if they are causing cervical changes and worrying about going early. Ugh.   We went to the coast to Astoria and stayed in a B&B for the weekend....
I just got this Eddie Bauer baby backpack as a gift - http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom/baby/clothing/categories/baby-gear/eddie-bauer-backpack-diaper-bag/prod.jump?ppId=1df8fac&cm_mmc=ShoppingFeed-_-GooglePLA-_-Baby-_-1df8fac&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=1df8fac   It seems pretty good. I'm not sure how it will be in reality though. It looks reasonably priced.
Purposeful - double knitting is not hard once you get the hang of it. You are knitting the front & back at the same time so have 2 strands of yarn... Google it there are videos & photos. This is my first double knitting project.
I thought I should post a photo of the backside - isn't it cool it is just the reverse in color of the front!  
Ok, here's my new project that I just started this weekend. It is a double-knitting baby blanket!   Here it is on Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/projects/lorell-knits/stars-flowers-and-children-english-version Check it out, you can see the pattern with the finished product!   Here is my in progress photo. I hope I can finish it before the baby comes! This circle is only about 6" in diameter...     I'll post another update when it is farther along.
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