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travelmumma - great news, can't wait for the full update!   esp - I too have weight triggers and had a big discussion with my MW at the beginning. We did agree to only weigh 3 times during the pregnancy (beg, middle and end) and I could do it with my back turned. I surprised myself and when I weighed at my last visit - the "middle" I wanted to know the how much I'd gained. So she told me. I was surprised it was 11 1/2 lbs at 27 wks. Well that is from my first visit...
travelmumma - yes hugs to you! The waiting must be hard. I've been thinking about you all day. Do update us when you're ready.
I love the shadow photo VTmama!
Hi everyone -   Wow lots going on. I missed the last part of last week's thread and didn't go back and read it. I feel like I missed some big things though. I'll have to go back later.   Kate - congrats, that is so exciting! I live in Portland, I agree it is a great place to get married. Where are you getting the pies from? Random Order? They're my favorite - just a few blocks from where we live. I think you're just visiting Portland? Where do you live (clearly...
Sego - love the quilt and your baby gowns are so cute!
Wonderful news! 
Everyone looks so beautiful and bellies growing nicely. Here I am today in my work bathroom again, at 29 weeks!  
  When I read this, I was like that isn't right, I'm at the beginning of this DDC and I have 3 months! Then I looked at the calendar.... OMG! I've been focusing so much on going late, telling myself I have 3 more months, that I forgot that there is the possibility of going early, which would be 2 months...   On that note, I've been thinking that 12-12-12 would be a super amazing birth date. I've been telling the baby that. But it's really up to him/her... and that would...
Kate - I agree about the pink frilly stuff. It is actually one of the reasons I haven't found out the baby's sex. But it really just delays things since once the baby is born people will genderify it!   Sego, I totally agree with your ideas on letting children develop their own gender/sexual orientations. I've always felt very strongly about this, but it has been an interesting growth aspect for me during this pregnancy. Even though I thought I had pretty much gotten...
I got some undies at Old Navy a few months back. I got the bikini ones - they aren't maternity at all and got a few sizes big and wear below my belly. I just got one 3 pack so I still have to wear my old undies, which are getting uncomfortable. I can't remember the price, but I think it was not too bad - $10 for 3 pack or something.
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