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I posted this on FB but wanted to post here too. Had ctx off & on all night Sat night then off & on yesterday. Things did pick back up Sun night. I was in labor all night ctx down to 4-5 mins apart with bloody show! Then things tapered off & haven't had a ctx for a couple hours this morning. One of my MWs was here so was well taken care of. We're going to try to sleep today & see what happens. Mamas I don't need any advice - just your support!
Zebrachick - Sofia is so cute, congrats!
Chica - you're a rockstar! I made a bunch of stuff for our freezer (the chest freezer in the basement is full!) but I did it over a month or so. I wouldn't have had the stamina to cook that much in 24 hrs!
Sending good birthing vibes your way MamaB!
Here I am - 41w2d. Actually doing pretty good emotionally and physically most of the time....  
You are an amazing mama! 60 hours of labor, whew! Good for you, I can't wait to hear the full story. Enjoy your little one!
Oops, I meant to put my post on the weekly thread, but it is really about birthy things mostly... ah well pregnancy brain!   I'm totally thinking of Natalie too!
Congrats Marilyn and welcome Jude! Sounds like you did great listening to your instincts, good for you!
Hi Mamas -   Just wanted to check in.   Natalie I've been thinking of you - hoping things are progressing! Keep strong!   Chica - glad you're getting settled in & nesting it up in your temporary home!   Jen - I hope you have this baby soon - all this prodromal labor is crazy!   Rae - OMG I only really vomited once during this pregnancy (thank goodness) but there was major peeing going on. Did not expect that! Glad your water didn't go during gym...
Congrats and welcome Zarah!
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