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Beth - I'm glad to hear you are feeling more positive about things!   I wanted to share that my first prenatal with the MW yesterday had to be rescheduled, but I listened in with my doppler at home anyay and I heard the sweet little heartbeat. I'm 10 weeks now, which puts me past when I had my miscarriage!! I can't wait until I pass 12 weeks, but really I feel so positive now. I even have a little baby bump, even though it's my first baby!
Wow, congratulations! That is very exciting for you!
Gosh, what a bummer! I do hope you can go home soon - and yay for that little heartbeat! Hang in there...
Big hugs to you and here's to an easy miscarriage and getting pregnant again soon!
Wow, how exciting! I can't wait to feel the baby too. I'm just 9 1/2 weeks and this is my first, so I have a ways to go...
We're expecting our first and so excited! I'm not sure what you mean by biggest changes. Other than pregnancy symptoms, not much has changed, except we spent a ton of money yesterday setting up a sewing room for me - so I can sew maternity and baby clothes. I'm very excited.    
Having spotting is definitely scary! As phatchristy said DTD can cause bleeding. Also sometimes you can have a cervical polyp develop and if it breaks it can bleed red. You can also have some bleeding from the uterus and the baby is still fine. Really the only way to know how things are is to get an ultrasound/doppler depending on how far along you are. If you're super early you can do blood Hcg a couple days apart and see if the levels are going up or down. Do you have ...
Ok, I think I can help here, this is my experience from midwifery school and my apprenticeship. The routine prenatal blood work varies a bit from practice to practice but usually checks the following, this is going by memory, I might be forgetting a few things:   Reubella immunity Hepatitis B and sometimes C status Syphillis Complete Blood Count, which includes hemoglobin, hematocrit, white blood cells and clotting factors HIV Rh antibodies and other blood...
I just had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and they gave me the "age" but it was based on LMP not the actual age of the baby. If you say the 10w1d is the "age" subtract 2 weeks, then that is probably when you conceived. about 8 weeks ago, which sounds about right. But check with your MW or Dr to make sure.    
Ok a question for you cuspers... I keep browsing both December and November and when I post big milestones, photos, etc. I want to post both places, but that seems like a bit "spammy." What are all of you doing?   I haven't felt super drawn to one or the other group yet.
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