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Yay!!! Welcome Wiinie - so happy for you!
Hey Mamas -   I've been reading along mostly on my phone and posting from there is a bit of a pain... I think I said that last week... I've also been spending a lot of time checking things on the FB page. Anyone else finding it hard to keep up with both? I kind of wish we just had one place people were posting. Obviously, I could just choose one, but at this point I feel attached to everyone in both places!   I had a good cry Sunday night and it really helped my...
Welcome to GG - what a surprise arrival! Glad she's doing well and that you're home now.   My niece is GG too - but we don't call her that.
Congrats Esp. He is so cute. I love the nickname True!
First off - Natalie & Sandy, I'm sending lots of good labor vibes your way! I hope you're holding your baby in your arms soon!   Reagan & Jen - sorry about all the prodromal labor, ugh, I hope your babies come soon too!   I'm ready here - emotionally and physically! Not tons of contractions or other signs so I wonder when this baby will come. Lots of pressure in my cervix and rectum at times. This morning around 3am I had some contractions 15-20 mins apart, but...
Alaskanne - I've been doing the applique on upcycled onsies too! They've been mostly for gifts and I haven't taken photos of them. I should have, some are really cute.   Anyway, I love what you've made!
Here's the update on my baby blanket that I'm knitting. This is a beautiful blanket - you have to imagine that it is a circle lying flat - the knitting needle is holding it gathered at the top. It is about a 22" diameter circle now. I'm not hopeful I'll finish it before the baby comes - even if I go a few more weeks... I have a lot more to do. I just hope I will have time to knit after the baby is born....    
New thread started: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1369292/12-2-weekly-thread
I was here and thought I'd start the new thread. Unfortunately due to a computer glitch - I typed it it post and then lost it all.   Here goes it!   Congrats to Esp, Tropicana and Kaliki! So exciting you are snuggled in with your new babies!   I feel lots of mamas on the brink - prodromal labor, things getting moving... so exciting. I think we'll be meeting a lot of babies soon!    AFM - I'm feeling in a funk - I've been working hard on keeping busy and...
Congrats to Esp and Tropicana - so excited for you!
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