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I have felt lots of movement for the last couple of days, some so strong that I can see them from the outside, but I don't feel hiccups yet. I'm only 22 weeks and with this being my first, along with being chunky, I'm not sure when I will feel them.  BeanBean, I am short (only 5'2") so there isn't much room for my belly to go but out. And the funny thing is that my baby was apparently on the small side during the anatomy scan. Maybe it's just ME that's growing so...
I absolutely cannot believe the nerve of some people! I do realize that my belly has REALLY gotten big, but I can't believe that people think that it's okay to say something to me about it. Today, even though I know my mom didn't mean to hurt my feelings, she made the comment "my goodness! Look how big that belly is! You definitely don't look 22 weeks pregnant! You still have four and a half months to go!" Along with some random woman at the grocery store asking how far...
As strange as it may seem, I can't tell you how many times I have prayed for you and your sweet baby, BeanBean. Just knowing that you have gone so long and tried so hard to have your miracle baby has touched my heart, and even more so now that you are having to work so hard and stay on constant alert to keep her in there until it's safe to come out!  Are you enjoying your pregnancy like you imagined you would when you pictured yourself being pregnant, or are you just...
BeanBean, that's strange because I have had multiple dreams of being attacked by a dark horse, usually black. And all I try to do is save my baby. The horse stands straight up on his hind legs and starts striking at me. I tried to look it up but couldn't really come to a conclusion. I can usually wake myself up before things get too bad. I'm thankful that I've always been able to wake myself up just right before something terrible happens. My family owns about 30 horses...
What are some of the "crunchy" things that you and your family do? Like cloth diapering, anti-vaccination, blah blah blah? 
How are YOU feeling about having a baby boy?! As far as concerns and excitement, I guess.   
Holy cow! It seems crazy that you could have your babies here in TWO months!!!! :O 
Ah! This sounds fun! I'm in!  I'm not due until April 26th, so I'm really late in the month. If he decides to stay in there longer, I might just skip April all together. 
AHHHH! Firespiritmelody, you have a beautiful family!  My intuitions are backwards... I always think people are going to have the opposite of what they do have! Ha! I thought for sure you would have another girl. Congrats!!!
We have picked Grayson Blaine.  We just call him baby Gray, though. :) 
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