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I wish that would happen to me!  I have an appetite for EVERYTHING! I just want food all the time. Except for today. Today, every time I take a bite of something, I get so nauseous. I think it may have something to do with the sinus infection that I am getting over. But it's awful. I haven't been so sick for weeks. 
Congrats, Alaskan!!! 
What a super cute baby bump!!..    Welcome to our group! It's exciting to see mamas that are having multiples. :) 
At first we thought we wouldn't use a family name. However, coincidentally, DH's name pick is my grandmother's name, Anna.  The strangest thing happened to me with names. I have had several names picked out for a couple of years that I absolutely loved and just knew that I was going to name my children the names that I had picked out previously. I even had a couple of boy's names picked out. BUT when I got pregnant and started thinking about naming our baby, only one...
Wow... I've missed a bunch being MIA for the past few days!!  I had a great Thanksgiving... We had to eat at three different places. DH's parents' house and both of my grandmothers' homes. I definitely wished at the end of the day that I hadn't eaten so much. I spent Black Friday with my mother and went shopping really early in the morning. Friday marked 18 weeks and baby kicked all day long while we were shopping. We ended up buying lots of things for baby. I ordered...
Congrats Jen!   What a relief that everything looks good!  
I think I'll be just fine if mine comes early... I'm already anxious to meet him/her!  We find out next Friday. I'm convinced it's a "her" rather than a "he." But we will see then!  I can sympathize with moving at some degree. We are currently in the process of buying a new home and plan to have everything moved in and ready JUST before baby is born... So if baby is early, we may be in a little bit of an unorganized mess!! 
I can sympathize with frustrating ILs. I really, really love my in-laws... most of the time. DH's mom is just really sassy. She has a lot on her plate and gets frustrated easily because she's so busy and has little patience.  1babysmom, maybe you should take that as a compliment, as frustrating as it is. Maybe she thought that you were the only one that had enough cooking skills to contribute. Green beans are SO easy and buying drinks at the store? LOL, She just knows...
Welcome mama!  Glad to have you here! Looks like we share a due date... but that probably won't mean anything once the babies decide to come! lol
Thanks guys!  I started off my morning at 6AM by making homemade Vick's evaporating shower disks. They always work wonders.  I did go to our drug store and found the NeilMed Sinus rinse. I felt like my step father uses this, so I called my mom and she confirmed that it was excellent. I haven't used it yet, but will be in just a little while!  My anatomy scan is next Friday! I'm getting so excited! 
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