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Oh, Ironmam! Is it bad that I just cried reading that? I think MY hormones are going crazy, but I can DEFINITELY understand why that's so frustrating to you. DH and I aren't on a tight budget, but you better believe that if I was purchasing a $150 diaper bag PLUS shipping, I would want it in PERFECT condition WITH the freaking strap that was supposed to come with it! Is there any way that you can send it back? Of course, that's just more money in shipping, but you could...
Sorry about the migraines and sinus issues... and your loss, 1babysmom. I hope that your aunt is doing better, alaskanmomma.   Is anyone else having issues with itchy eyes? I thought it must be allergies (even though I have never suffered from them) but my doctor seems to think that dry, itchy eyes are a common pregnancy symptom... What? It's driving me nuts! I have gotten to where I can't even wear makeup because it drives me crazy to not be able to rub my eyes...
Thank you. I know that I am in control... that's mainly why I'm questioning switching to a midwife rather than an OB. I also know that I am going to run into problems once baby comes and starts growing because I am anti vaccinations as well.   
Martha, I love how your children are so close with one another! That really makes my heart happy and I can only hope that all of mine will be so kind and loving to one another.    I had an appointment last week for an ultrasound to check on the large cyst I have on my right ovary, but since I'm 15, almost 16 weeks, I had to go in today to have blood drawn for the spinal tests. I wasn't happy about that. Anyway, I wasn't happy to be there and then they basically...
Heartburn! I had TERRIBLE heartburn around 11 weeks. I am SO thankful to have not had it in the last few weeks.  Will you be co-sleeping or will your bundle have their own bed?
BeanBean, hope you start feeling much better! Glad that you're all taken care of! 
Do you have a cyst or anything like that? I have a pretty large cyst on my right ovary and my doctor explained that although it rarely ever happens, the only problems that they see with a cyst occurs when the cyst gets wrapped up and twisted. He said that if this was to happen, that it would be a constant sharp pain. We had talked about it because I had asked about sharp pains a few weeks ago and they said that it was just round ligament pain. 
Blah. I'm not too sure. I looked at some ultrasound pictures online that looked exactly like mine does... So I guess I will ask at my anatomy scan.    You can very clearly see the placenta there above baby. 
SO sorry to hear about your loss! Will be praying for your peace and comfort. Hugs.
Oh, I definitely need some good tried-and-true Crock Pot recipes. I'm another one that has become VERY lazy and I like to throw things in the slow cooker in the morning... roasts, potato soup, crock pot enchiladas... if it can be fixed in the crock pot, you bet yourself it will be!!   
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