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Thank you Oliver's Mama! I think I can convince myself to dish out $80 for another carrier if it's worth it!! :) 
I want an Ergo so badly now that I have started wearing LO!! But I just can't make myself dish out the money for one since I've already gotten a Baby Bjorn and a Moby... As far as wraps go, I'm kicking myself for getting the Moby! I LOVE the Ergo Stardust! 
I feel like I starve Gray to death because my milk production is the pits. We have been supplementing with two bottles of formula a day. We had his two week check-up today and Gray has gained a whole pound and 4 ounces since we left the hospital. He weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces this morning!! Doctor says that supplementing is just fine because he is getting all of the antibodies and good stuff that breastmilk can give him and gets the added calories with formula. I am still...
Ironmam, I understand that! LO seriously poops sometimes four times in an hour. It seeps out of the diaper about 75% of the time. We change his clothes constantly! 
Munchkin, my LO will not sleep on his back at all. He prefers to sleep on his side. If we put him on his belly, he gets really frustrated trying to roll over. He also prefers to be inclined. We put him in a rock n' play next to our bed and just bring it in the living room during the day, even though I hold him mostly all day, or I wear him in the Moby. 
I'm sorry Cagnew! Hoping things get better quickly! I know that has GOT to be rough!  I have been using a medela nipple shield since about day 3. I have only had him latch on without the shield twice because I have flat nipples and it was just so much easier for both of us to use the shield. (I know! I shouldn't have been so lazy!) But last night we took Gray to my mom's house and I forgot my shield. He would latch on for about three seconds and then let go. I have...
Lol 1babysmom! I'm not sure if I could make nursing with a wrap work either!
I had the same problem the first few times that I used my Moby. I just make sure that it's really tight and sometimes have to reposition him a couple of times because he does slip down in a little ball if I don't have him positioned just the right way. I have to use the side pocket to keep him upright, even though I don't think that's necessarily how they're "supposed" to be positioned in there. He hasn't been weighed since he was 4 days old but I would guess he's almost...
I am so SO sorry for your loss! My heart is so broken for you and I cannot imagine the struggle. You are absolutely in my thoughts. Praying that you find peace and thankful that you have so much support.
This thing is a lifesaver!
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