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I have read that chocolate makes babies gassy. I have been avoiding it but had a fiber one bar with chocolate in it the other day and he was pretty fussy later on in the day so I assumed this was true and haven't had any more. I guess different babies tolerate different foods differently but I do think that Gray has issues with dairy. 
  I have ordered some mother's milk tea to see if that works. The hospital also supplied me with three nipple shields and a pair of nipple shells. I haven't seen any difference since I have been using the shells, but I am going to continue to use them to see what happens. I don't mind using the shield so much. His latch is okay, but if he pulls off, it's a disaster trying to get him to latch back on. He won't open his mouth enough to actually latch on properly after he...
BaileyB, if I am correct, I think that Cervidil is used primarily only to cause effacement. My doctor left the Cervidil in for a few hours and then switched to Pitocin, although sometimes Cervidil itself will cause contractions and therefore, put someone into labor. Thinking about you!!  Stormysky, hoping you have a baby in your arms soon!! 
Yay! Congrats!
Congrats!! Hoping that you all start to feel better!! 
We are not vaccinating. I was furious when I got to the nursery after my c-section and they had given Gray vitamin K. I just feel like his body was made to do what it should do and I shouldn't disrupt the normal process of development. 
This was so beautiful! Your faith in God is so inspiring! Proud of you, mama! Congrats on your little miracle! 
I THINK I may have figured out Gray's sleeping problem!!!!    I have tried EVERYTHING! I have tried bed sharing, a co-sleeper, his crib, a bassinet, gripe water, supplementing him with formula, waiting until he's already asleep to lay him down, swaddling him tight... the list goes on and on and on! NOTHING has worked! He ONLY wants to sleep if I hold him cuddled up on my chest, which is fine, except that I'm having to sleep with him in the recliner EVERY SINGLE...
LOVE his name!!!! Congrats!! It looks like we won't have many babies coming after the end of April! :D 
I DEFINITELY have a supply issue. Gray is over a week old now, nurses all the time, and I have been trying to use my electric pump after he feeds to ramp up my supply. After he eats, I can't even get half an ounce. I tried to just give him formula and pump to see how much I could get and only got about an ounce. UGH! I'm trying to pump 10 minutes on each side after he eats to increase my supply but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm getting so discouraged!! 
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