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Praying for you 1babysmom! Hoping things will settle down for you!    I have figured out why Gray wants to be held ALL THE TIME! His belly grumbles so much, so I'm sure it's gas. I really don't think it is anything that I have been eating. At night, he is the worst. The entire night is basically one big, long nursing session. I'm not sure what to do with him. Thinking about trying gripe water.    Love that, momma-bear! I had initially just gotten a baby Bjorn,...
I just hold the shield on with a finger while I am positioning him. After they latch on really well it seals the shield on. It really helps sore nipples too!! I use a medela contact shield and he just latches onto the entire part that sticks out. It works well for us.
Oliver's mama, little Nora kind of reminds me of my little Gray (with less chunky cheeks!!) Maybe I'm nuts!      Baby Gray is 6 days old today! He has such big hands and has changed so much already! AND my sweet boy already picks up his head and moves it from side to side when laying on my chest! WHAT?!?
Tiffany, I am using a nipple shield as well. My nipples are a little too flat. The problem isn't really his initial latch. When we start nursing, he does a great job. He opens up wide and we don't have a problem. But if he happens to get frustrated and pull off or fall asleep, it's a disaster trying to get him to latch back on correctly. I honestly don't even worry about using it. I will just keep using it the whole time if need be. My aunt had to use a nipple shield...
Thanks you guys! I'm definitely having a better day today. So far, anyway. After a restless night with Gray where he didn't want to eat or sleep, he had a doctor's appointment this morning. I woke him up to eat right before we left and he slept soundly in the car all the way there and all the way back. His belly must have stayed satisfied for that three hours because he never even offered to fuss (except when we stripped him down at the doctor's office). I fed him again...
Thinking of you guys!! You're going to do great, jessmn!! It's not nearly as bad as you fear! Hoping that things pick up, Greenlea! And congrats Alaskan!
I'm a basket case this evening. I'm just so exhausted. Gray ALWAYS wants to eat. Like literally 30 minutes after he gets done eating. I always end up giving him formula after a while because I feel like he's starving to death. But as soon as he starts nursing he falls asleep. Then I can't put him down or he wakes back up to eat. I literally can't even get in the shower. I'm just a little overwhelmed.
I realize that this is long, but I promise it is the shortened version!  At 38 weeks 3 days, I went to my OB for my regular scheduled appointment. My blood pressure was high as it had continuously been getting higher for the past few weeks. I had also been measuring 35 weeks for several weeks, leaving my doctor concerned that baby wasn't getting enough nutrients and that my placenta was aging early. He scheduled an induction for Friday, April 19th at exactly 39 weeks. I...
    We left the hospital today! Baby Grayson Blaine- 3 days old!
Thank you all! We are settling in slowly but surely. I was doing well with breastfeeding but we are having a little bit of trouble today, just waiting on my milk to come in, I think. It has really upset me to think that I am having trouble breastfeeding but I'm really hoping for the best and trying to be positive. 
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