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What a cutie! Congrats!!!
Holy cow, I hope that's true! I definitely have a purple line and it's pretty high!! I HAVE been awfully crampy today....    jessmn, gosh, I wish! I'm not sure if people really birth anything like their moms or not, but I would be very thankful if I did. With my brother, he was born less than four hours after her first contraction. With me, she had non-painful contractions all day and had a doctor's appointment where they told her she was 5cm dilated and had her go to the...
So happy to see that Mira is here!! She's BEAUTIFUL! I think she looks like your DH! :D You did a great job! 
I'm a big hand sanitizing/ washing hands person too when it comes to babies. I have already stocked up on hand sanitizer, knowing that I will require everyone to use a squirt before holding baby. I'm sorry your MIL is the way that she is.    I have a feeling that baby is coming soon. I have been having loose stool for the last three or four days. That's VERY abnormal for me. Like so abnormal that I have been taking two stool softeners a day and eat enough fiber to...
Thinking of you BeanBean! No matter how Mira gets here, she will be just as amazing and you will love her just the same! 
Just popping in to note that one of my close friends from high school just had her baby! Her due date was exactly two weeks ahead of mine! So right at 39 weeks, she had little Mya Estelle. I'm SO freaking jealous now!    .... and I'm over here with NO signs of impending labor. Blah! Yesterday while I was doing laundry, I was having those sharp pains in my pelvis almost constantly but they went away when I got in the car to run to the grocery store. :( I know I'm only...
AW! Those pictures are awesome! How sweet your boys look! 
Can't wait to see a picture! Congrats!! :D 
We have discussed birth control and ultimately decided that we will use NFP... to some extent. I already feel like this one is going to grow so fast that I can't keep up, so I can't bare the thought of waiting years to have another. I think we are generally in the mind set that we will continue having children for as long as God will bless us with them. I used to not think that I wanted a large family, and I know that it might change after I am worn down with one child,...
Congrats! She's precious!  I guessed her date of birth AND her length right on the baby pool! Woohoo! :D 
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