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Eleanor is so beautiful! You look awesome too, mama! So glad to hear that you had a quick labor! 
Cari, I WOULD keep the one that DH's mom bought and take my aunt's back without saying anything, BUT she had my uncle take it out of the box and assemble it so that I wouldn't have to and so that it would be out for me to look at at the baby shower. So the only way it can be taken back is if I ask for the box.... Blah!!  I'm so glad to hear about the pets and your mom's water pipe! What a dilemma to be having at 40 weeks pregnant! Hope everything with work settles...
AHH, camprunner and alaskan, it sounds like you two are close!  Hope you get to feeling better, cyclamen. Being sick stinks... ESPECIALLY when you're pregnant!   My two aunts and my mom threw me a baby shower today. It was SO sweet! People were so generous and, even though I had almost everything that we needed already, I still ended up with so many things that we will use! I have wanted a jogging stroller SO badly that I can't stand it. DH's mom got me the one...
Aw, yay! Can't wait to read little Eleanor's birth story and see a picture if you want to share!! Good luck, mama! 
  36 weeks! My face looks so tired! lol 
YAY!!!! What an awesome surprise for Good Friday! :D  So happy for you, BeanBean!!! 
These babies are driving me nuts!! Even us that are the very last due in April are right at 36 weeks! I thought for SURE we would have more than three deliveries by now!!  Aren't you 40 weeks TODAY, firespiritmelody?!
I'm not sure what it is... It starts in my cervix and shoots down even lower. I guess it could just be stretching and thinning, but it isn't a nice feeling! It gets SO bad if I bend over when it's happening. But I have found some relief (very little) in tilting my pelvis forward and freezing for several seconds.
Hugs BeanBean! I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this after all of the things you have had to go through before this pregnancy... and throughout the whole nine months. I hope that you're feeling better about this by Friday, even though I think it's perfectly normal and okay to mourn the birth that you had so desperately wanted!! I know that seeing and holding your little miracle baby will be so worth it! 
Lindsay, so sorry to hear about your mom! Praying for you and your family!  Camprunner, I hope you're okay! I've been pretty clumsy lately! Pretty sure that's normal!    I have been SO ready to have a baby since about 30 weeks... now that I'm right at 36 weeks, I'm not so antsy about it anymore. Of course I'm excited, but I guess I realize how big of a change it's going to make and I'm not jumping the gun anymore. He can come when he's ready, but I'll enjoy these...
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