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Have you done it or wish you could? Where would you go? Madagascar? Europe? Third World? the Serengeti? Would you take curriculum with you and cover other topics or is it possible to cover "everything" via travel? (Obviously some people think of baking cookies as a solid amount of science and economics and some do not, so "everything" has a very broad range of definition for different people.)
I was having a discussion with a friend recently about play learning and have been thinking about what a playground could be like that let children interact with information in a non-directed format - where they could just jump in and learn while playing. What sorts of things could you let kids learn in a physical space? I've seen lame attempts done in some places - but the kids completely miss the 'educational content' that is plastered decoratively on playground...
She's in Lexington. I'm so busy with work right now - end of the month and I'm trying to not be homeless as I've got client issues right now. I'd really love to find some moms who can take on helping her in a big way. She needs a lot of online support right now. See the fan page to learn the latest.
I'm pretty sure the courts are useless when it comes to this stuff. I'll try contacting his mother maybe. She hates me for being so eeevil as to out her whittle boy for his horrible behavior (I didn't tell anybody personally - just filed it with the courts - he in turn ran around town gossiping up a storm of lies about me and how I'd lost my mind and suddenly went from being "the best mom in the world to "an unfit mother" when I decided the marriage was not a heathly...
My ex & I have 67 facebook friends in common (and I'm still 'friends' with him - I just use all the privacy settings to control what he can see on my account). Maybe I'll dedicated some time this week to posting skin cancer facts & links?
Thanks for all the suggestions. I know I may sound like I'm over-reacting to some. This has happened many times before, even when we were together. My ex objected to the swim shirts I used to use. I know the lotions are risky too, but he will be taking them to the pool a lot this summer and he's always been forgetful about sunscreen/shirts/etc.. It's actually evident that he used sunscreen partially this particular time - there's a white adult handprint on my...
Anybody have ideas about how to get more local support for her?
http://www.lex18.com/news/mother-say...ding-daughter/ (Original thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1236869) To help / provide support, here's her fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suppor...37365909607717 Thanks so much!
My ex's mother has skin cancer and my children are very fair skinned. I lecture my 6 year old every time they go to their dads about making sure they get sunscreen. He and I have argued since they were babies about the importance of sunscreen and he'd always 'forget'. What do I do? Any suggestions? I sent him an email with a pic of the burns and just wrote "please use sunscreen. Seriously". My message is not getting across.
Here's the link - she's on the local news now! She's determined to stop the discrimination against nursing moms there. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suppor...37365909607717
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