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Congratulations, Zenquaker!    And thank you, yet again, for the place to put my mind in a calm place to be!
Curtains! My mom used to use a hemmed bit of thin fabric (like an old pillowcase) rolled up in the window for me because I sunburn so easy. I'm sure you could rig it to a silicon suction cup, but this worked just fine.
Having your legs up won't tip your pelvis, but it will make you look like a old-school pinup. So if you're getting way too stressed about TTC joking around and having fun with it could be a really good thing.
The title of this thread is so appropriate, I've been having a 2ww for Thunderstorms! :-D The steamy weather is good for two things, keeping my life slow and deliberate, and keeping me focused on eating all of the lovely produce I can stand, because it's cool and refreshing.  Best of luck and cooling thoughts to everyone else melting this summer.
I'm still waiting to O and I've got a stupid cold. I'm not feverish, which is great for my temps, but I can't breathe. Are the cold medicines likely to linger in my system any? 
Best of luck, Lilac. 
Dangit, AF strikes again. Good luck to everyone else, and there's always July. :)
I'm glad you got to do something nice for yourself, WritingLove. :)
Hey, I just noticed I'm at 15 dpo! I'm all crampy/pms-ey, so I think I'll wait until 18dpo before I test. Cool! (picture an imaginary happy dance, because it's just too warm for dancing today)
The moon idea is great, but please please please keep the "sane 2WW" involved prominently! I'd hate to lose the thread... literally.  I love puns, I couldn't resist sharing that one with you.  Dinner tonight is all about living in the moment, I'm having a pesto that came from local farm basil, garlic scapes, and cheese. If I wasn't so tired today, I would have attempted homemade pasta, but since I don't have a pasta roller that would have been another lesson in...
New Posts  All Forums: