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Thank you so much! I will definitely try that!!
For the past couple of weeks bed time has not been easy. He will be so tired that he will start falling asleep while he is sitting down on the bed then wake up real fast and start clapping! While it's really cute and funny, this will go on from about 8 to 10pm!! I have tried everything I can think of! Warm bottle, rocking, nightime baby bath and lotion, ect...
Prior to my son turning 9 months he was able to play by himself and let mommy do things around the house. Lately, he has been grunting and throwing these temper tantrums. I've noticed he is better if I take him outside or if I am helping him pull up, stand up, or walk. He wants absolutely nothing to do with crawling. It actually makes him upset if he has to. I try to ignore it but it's so hard. I don't know what else to do. He is driving mommy a little crazy!
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