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Serena, your post really cheered me up. I'm so glad to hear that you're doing great and loving motherhood. It helps me to hear positive stories in these last couple of days. nettlesoup, I thought a 7 was good? Sending you productive labor vibes today! I'm not convinced that I'll have a baby by the end of the day either, although if I'm planning on a 4 hour labor that would mean I could start at 7:59pm at the latest, right?
chispita, I hope things are progressing for you.   I ended up not going anywhere because it rained all day. Yes, in NM that is a valid excuse to stay home! Nothing happening on the labor front either... I guess I was prematurely getting excited.
Hehe, Kali and nettlesoup, I think we might be on the same path. I hope things progress smoothly for you! I'm starting to wonder whether I should be running errands today or stick to a 2 mile radius around the house (which would exclude a trip to Babies R Us for some last minute stuff...)
This reminds me of a comment an acquaintance made who also gave birth at the place we're going to. In my mind labor and birth are middle of the night type occurrences, i.e. babies are always born between the hours of 3-4am, but she told me her baby was born around matinee time (2pm or so) and she thought about the fact that they would have to go home and still make dinner that night! BTW, just lost a little mucus and that makes everything a little more real all of a sudden...
nettlesoup, good luck to you, hopefully you won't need the induction!   I scheduled an appt for next week and they also went ahead and scheduled me for a biophysical profile (something like that?) for next week Friday, which would be 41 weeks. I'm hoping I won't need either one of them. Plan to chug RRL today and maybe I can talk DH into DTD tonight or tomorrow.
That is exactly what DH's parents did last week. All along they've been asking us about the due date and we've told them, oh at least 20 times. Then they started that weird passive aggressive thing after it became clear they weren't welcome before late October. Last week when DH spoke to them on the phone they asked: "So when's the baby due exactly?" as if we'd never told them! He said he kinda snapped at them...
How cute! Enjoy your little one, beep!
My version of the bead exchange necklace. I wanted something fun and colorful! Thank you to all the ladies who participated!       nettlesoup, I hope you see some action soon! Your in-laws sound pretty awful, maybe your stress surrounding them is holding you back?
chispita, I think I look like you, low and round 39w 4d. From the back you can't even tell I'm pregnant, it's all right there in front.
CDsmom, how many shifts in a workday? I must say I'm glad to be off work, I don't feel like I'm just sitting around, I keep working on the never ending to do list. Maybe if this baby hasn't come 10 days from now I'll feel that way but right now I'm happy to have the time.   Mama Ana: your plan for hibernation sounds good. I'm definitely in the "leave me alone" phase of pregnancy.
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