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Great pictures! You guys look totally happy and in love!
mamamash, I hope your mood continues to improve, sounds like physically you are healing well. Those pictures of your girls are so sweet! I hope Violet's GI issues straighten themselves out. Hang in there!
tilly, I'm so glad to hear your DH got some time off so you can all get used to being a family together! And nice that you found a pediatrician who falls more in line with your philosophy. I would be upset too if my midwife didn't do any follow-up, I thought that was pretty standard when you work with one. Is it worth discussing that with her or would it just cause you more stress at this point? May your little one continue to feed well so she can grow, grow, grow!
freckledmama, I completely agree with your assessment and would add that sometimes men don't know how to deal with their feelings other than acting out.   greentomato, glad to hear that you were able to have a productive discussion about work/life balance. It's so hard to predict how you're going to feel about it and how it'll work out but it's nice to know you have options, right?   I can't believe it's September!
Thanks for sharing your story. And welcome Hudson James! Those wool longies are too cute. Congratulations!
I feel like I still have tons to do and I'm actually glad to have the time off so I can take care of these last minute things. Still need to make more freezer meals, meeting with my bookkeeper & related business stuff, finish more craft projects, look at the household finances, get postpartum supplies, buy some more baby supplies... Those are the things that I can list off the top of my head.
  I laughed at your needing to poo comment, lilmamita! For me there's always been a connection between menstrual cramps and GI discomfort so it could be that your body is gearing up. I enjoyed reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth too and one of the things I found so helpful is that she mentions we are programmed to experience pain as the body warning us that there is something wrong but the pain in childbirth is not linked to injury. I think I'll use that, keep reminding...
I'm sorry you ladies are having such a tough time right now, CDsmom and nettlesoup! Not sure what else I can do besides offer my sympathies and a virtual hug...
Hang in there, letnia! Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Hopefully with more time, patience and perseverance you will both fall into a good rhythm. Sending you well wishes and healing thoughts!
New Posts  All Forums: