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mamamash, I'm guessing I feel like you: just not very interested in getting stuff ready though I know it needs to be done. I have to make myself do it and I know rationally that I can just do a little every day, I don't have to do it all, but I really am not motivated.
So far this looks like a quiet week for me, work wise anyway. That means I need to make sure to get stuff done around the house. It's very easy for me to slack off when work is slow and say "oh, I deserve a break, it'll be busy next week" but it's a trap.   Today I plan on getting groceries for the week and getting the laundry done. Maybe I'll work up the courage to go stand in line at Comcast to go complain about my bill (long story), I'm trying to decide if it's...
This baby is either much more active than he has been, or he's grown so I can feel him more often. Either way the flutters have changed into more pronounced kicks/punches but I still can't feel them from the outside so DH is still clueless.
OMG, nettlesoup, I don't know if I could get over the mental block to have sex while my kid's asleep next to me. Years ago I had a one night stand with a guy who let his little terrier up on the bed while DTD and that was weird enough.   serena, as a child I got to sleep with my mom every once in a while and it was such a treat. I have very fond memories of that. I don't expect DH will be up for co-sleeping, we have a queen size bed and he's 6'3". But I do have this...
I imagine getting the kid out of your bed helps you feel more in the mood? Have fun!
Not yet. I'm still working on finishing my other projects. Ideally I'd like to get those done before starting anything for the baby because I feel like otherwise they won't ever be completed. I've got a triangular shawl for mom and socks for DH on the needles and then a pair of gloves that just needs some ends tucked in.
  Isn't that exactly what we've been talking about: girly/boyish behavior and gender expectations? You are both women and fine human beings at that, why do we have to be girly? I understand the fear of not being enough but it doesn't have to be gender specific.
While the article is not very in depth I would like to state for the record that repeatedly contracting a muscle does not make it "tighter". The tightness is regulated by the nervous system and usually has to do with impaired feedback from the muscle itself (and other muscles surrounding that joint). There are a lot of threads on this board about kegels vs squatting and I wrote a post about squats but I can't find it right now. Basically a person's ability to squat the...
Finally seeing some girls! Congrats serena and devilish!
I've done that before, non-pregnant. I don't see why that technology doesn't exist. DH has a magnetic card/lock at work and he just holds up his wallet to the reader, says he sometimes does it at home too.
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