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On the subject of belts and external supports: in general, i.e. for other joints/muscle groups, I recommend to my clients that they use external support only when they need it and we try to work towards them not needing it. There are times when it is useful and necessary (an acute injury for example) but usually where muscle control is concerned as a long term goal you would want the muscles to do the work, not the external device. So if a client were to ask me about...
Glad to hear you're feeling a bit more upbeat! Keep your chin up, mama!
Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear it! My heart breaks for you! Please take good care of yourself. Be patient and kind and allow yourself to grieve. I hope you and your family can support each other in this difficult time. My thoughts are with you.
It sounds like you are overwhelmed with all the changes. The combination of rebuilding a life in a new community while getting used to your new family at the same time would freak me out too. Are you able to do things that get you excited about either change? Researching your new town and what there is to do with the baby/kids, maybe try connecting with some mamas on MDC beforehand... I agree with cmu: it's normal and be patient and kind with yourself.
I'd be happy to join in. I haven't read the older stuff. I was raised atheist, it's pretty common in Belgium (where I'm from), and I still observe some of the catholic holidays (which is also a common practice for atheists in Belgium). I was lucky to find a DH who is sort of "eh" about religion, probably would label himself an agnostic. We've already had the "religion" talk regarding the future kid and it was very short, we both agreed that religion doesn't have to...
On a lighter note: we were just at Target and I was looking at the girl's dresses since the XL kid size tends to fit me and DH said: "I don't think that's going to fit. Do you want to go get some large shirts?" NO!
I hear a cruise does wonders for weight gain. I'm at 6lbs, 19w4d. At the same time I feel like I've been overeating, stuffing myself and eating even when I'm not hungry so I don't know. I guess I'll start worrying about it if the midwife mentions anything next time.
I hope your fears are unfounded and you'll be able to find a good strong heartbeat tomorrow. Stay strong!
It's a bit fuzzy but I tried to take a picture so you all can see my face! Finally showing a little at 19w4d. The difference with last week is remarkable!
I've been feeling flutters for weeks now but I can't wait till they become strong enough for DH to feel. I haven't told him that I can feel the baby.   katalopolis: yes, that is exactly how I would describe it: like someone is trying to tickle me from the inside!   mamamash: hiccups, that sounds like a fun new sensation!   mrsandmrs: jealousy here too, to be able to feel both distinctly, how cool!
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