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I've heard of the superstition of not naming your kid before birth and not buying anything baby related etc. I agree that it probably stems from a fear of infant mortality and I can certainly see that it would be painful to have a bunch of baby stuff around when there's not going to be a baby.   As far as the ethnicity thing is concerned: there is a certain expectation of what someone will look like when they have a very ethnically specific name like Ekatarina or...
Mine are pretty tame:   I moved across the Atlantic at age 19 after having spent the previous year in the US as an exchange student.   Picked up a hitchhiker, once.
We're officially on team blue. The tech said it was very obvious. We got to see the "boy parts" as she called them. I'd always pictured myself with a boy in my future but then early on in this pregnancy I got a feeling it was a girl. Then the last two nights I've been dreaming of the anatomy scan and in my dreams it was a boy. I guess ultimately it's 50/50 and I was mostly hoping for either/or, not both or neither. I'm slightly relieved that it's a boy since DH had...
Just got back from the anatomy scan and it all looks good. We got to see the heart beating, that was very cool, four chambers. Other than that we have dancing feet and boy parts.
Hey Lilac, good to see you here on the other side. I never really looked for the Bajingo graduates thread. Seems like it's been pretty slow, I find it hard to believe there would be no due dates between June and December. You can put me in September if you like, 9/13 officially.
livingsky, I think you're referring to the inguinal crease.   Anyone else tired? I was feeling pretty good for a while (besides the rash etc.) but I've been feeling more tired again the past couple of days. Also getting mild headaches, not sure if they're related to the fatigue or increased blood volume or they're all symptoms of the same thing.
I took Clomid for one cycle but it didn't hasten my ovulation, it was the same as always (around CD22). The nurse at the fertility clinic told me they don't prescribe Clomid to speed up ovulation but rather to enhance it, i.e. have the potential of releasing more than one egg. I was also told not to take vitex (or any other fertility enhancing herbal supplement) together with the Clomid. I had tried vitex a couple of months before that but it didn't affect my ovulation...
It was nice to feel validated at my midwife appt today. I told her I'd been feeling flutters always on the right and she found the heartbeat pretty much right where I feel them! She said it's probably implanted exactly there and it's not just in my head!
I can't say that I've been that much hungrier than normal. My friend had warned me that the 2nd trimester was her downfall but so far no hangries here. Getting lots of protein really helps and I had an old college favorite for lunch today: mac&cheese with tuna! Ridiculously easy and sooo good!   tilly: yay for your DH realizing that he was being a jerk. It takes a good man to be able to admit that! RE exercise: I go to classes, having a regularly scheduled activity...
Lilac, congrats again! Sending lots of sticky vibes
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