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Climbergirl, Just saw this post. My little one is 21 days old so I haven't coonected with other mamas yet. I gave birth at Dar a Luz birthcenter and they're fairly crunchy. They've got a website, they have a BF support group once a week, and they have a meet up group as well. ABQ is not that big and traffic is not that bad so unless you are planning to live on the west side or in Rio Rancho anywhere in town will be 20 min or less away from Sandia. The birthcenter had an...
I totally get you, and what you said about: it's that you can't and he can. I have moments where I completely resent DH because he "gets to" leave or sleep while I "have to" feed. And DH has been incredibly involved and supportive and attentive etc from day 1 but when I'm tired and frustrated those feelings surface.Last night was the worst night so far and I got to the point of silently swearing at my baby. It's crazy to be dealing with these ups and downs, to notice...
I was able to attend the breastfeeding support group at the birth center today and asked the LC, who's been so patient and helpful since day 1, all my questions. We got to weigh him and he's gained 20g a day since last time so she said as long as he's gaining okay I should start trusting my instincts a little more and learn to look for his cues rather than feed him on a schedule (i.e. every couple of hours like clockwork). I have been able to get a couple of feeds in...
I have some questions regarding feeding on a schedule vs on demand and would love some input from you more experienced mamas. Right now we're feeding on a schedule about every 2.5 to 3 hours start to start, at night closer to 3.5 to 4 hours. The thing is: I don't know what feeding on demand means since keeping him fed every couple of hours means he doesn't really wake up crying and hungry. He's getting plenty of wet and poopy diapers but at his 2 week appt last week he...
Alden Henry born 9/20 at 3:59am, 41 weeks, EDD 9/13, 9lbs 3oz, 22.5"   by the way, it's so exciting to see this list grow, seeing all the babies' names and DOBs!
Thanks for sharing your story, sounds like everything went well and you had a great experience. Welcome Adrian!
Congrats again, nettlesoup! And I love your comment about Hazel and Bran sounding like cereal, LOL! I hope you continue to recover well and are having a wonderful time getting to know your new son!
Congratulations, oceansolitude! Another big baby in our DDC! Hope you are both doing well and enjoying getting to know each other!
Congratulations! All the best to you and your new family!
Congratulations, vegrunr! Big boy! Enjoy your new little one!
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