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1) I worked out 5 days a week (a mix of yoga, circuit work, resistance, weights - I had a personal trainer) 2) I didn't :( By week 5 Hyperemesis kicked in 3) See above 4) I wish my pregnancy had been different and had allowed for exercise. My personal trainer told me before hand we would be able to continue basically everything, with modification as my belly grew.    If I were to have a pregnancy without Hyperemesis, I'd rely on a personal trainer like the one...
I'm sorry, I don't have any great wisdom to offer (18 month old still attached all night :P ), but here's a BUMP in the hopes someone else has tips!
When baby was, well, a baby, I really wanted to try a mesh shower wrap! Now I really treasure my 30 minutes of mama only time. :P I think a mesh wrap would be great in summer, too.    They seem to be well reviewed and made by baby-wearers - and after using a Moby I'm curious to try one of those non-stretchy wraps! The prices aren't "competitive" but I think they're fair for something quality. Whenever I get baby item sticker shock I break down how many times I'll be...
My understanding is twofold:   1) hydration: it's so important to stay hydrated while breastfeeding! 2) sweat and baby: some babies do not like to nurse when mama is salty and sweaty and tastes different.    Kellymom also mentions drop is IgA levels when exercising to exhaustion: http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastfeed/lifestyle/mom-exercise/
Mealtimes are important to us, and they can't snack right before and they have to eat some of everything served. If they don't "finish" (don't need to clean the plate, but need to have a bit of everything) then they don't get to eat the next meal til they do. So they'll have dinner for breakfast. It's a gratitude issue.
haha I hear that - I didn't curse during labor, I told everyone I was sick of them telling me what to do!!Well, for all its neglect, my pp vagina hasn't turned into a gaping chasm...but I still wish I had French personal parts trainers :P
From the midwives that helped me with my Hyperemesis pregnancy.
I saw that yesterday, I didn't realize so few plans lacked maternity care. I understand why they couldn't quote a "price" for birth - my friends have told me that a one day in-and-out l&d, no epidural is about $3,000 at our hospital. With my high risk pregnancy and a complicated delivery it was closer to $15,000. And if you need to take the helicopter up to the NICU? Yowza, then you're already tipping $100,000 (if you don't have helicopter insurance). Medical care is...
I wish we had that. Seriously. You may feel differently PP, because without someone professional taking it seriously it's next to impossible to prioritize your lady bits.    What do I do? Next to nothing. When we do have sex I think about kegels but they're on my "to-do" list...never. 
Ugh, I think everything postpartum is "weird" LOL. I think it's probably your period. I didn't ever get cramps before pregnancy, but with all three of my pp periods (18 months pp now) the cramps have been brutal and the bleeding irregular (a flood one time, next to nothing the next but it was 2x as long). 
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