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No joke. Mine is 18 months now and just when I think we're over the biting thing she gives my nipple a good chomp. YEOW! 
Hang in there!! My motto is one day at a time, repeat that when you have to. :) I hope you are feeling a bit better now that treatment is underway, and that baby is going strong. Keep us posted!
We had the crib next to bed and ended up sleep-sharing because delivery was rough (just sitting up was a battle). I don't know what it's like to have a smooth delivery, but my friends say you feel worlds different than I did - and getting in and out of the foot of the bed wouldn't have been a problem! I think just be flexible, even if for a couple weeks you have to tweak your plan it's not a big deal at all!
Kudos is good, or "cookies" ;) I always like to get cookies.
I'm so sorry you're going through this! One day at a time, eh? I haven't experienced diarrhea during pregnancy, but the other end - I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I (painfully) understand that we have one idea of how we'd like our pregnancy to go, and then reality comes and kicks our butt. So while you're trying to get to the bottom of what's going on, try not to let the stop-gap measures get you down. Mothering is sacrifice, right? (9 months of anti-emetics, IVs and so...
Our girl got into this for a bit - I think it lasted about a month? Tended to use it when demanding attention. Then, after weeks of persistence it just...stopped. Seriously. When she did it, like you, we told her she needed to speak nicely/say please when she wanted our attention/whatever, and it just when it seemed like she'd be shouting her way through college it clicked Or she got bored with the sound of her own voice? ;)
Kids have terrible impulse control, huh? :P   Persistence is definitely key. With some of my daughter's habits we've followed this basic pattern: 1st time= tell her no, remove her from situation, have a chat about it, encourage her and return to the situation. 2nd time: tell her no, remove her from the situation and explain that if she does it again we're leaving/quitting/stopping. 3rd time (hopefully doesn't happen): follow through - we leave/quit/stop what we're...
I don't have experience in this area but I hope you get some answers soon!
My husband and I are both employed in the technology field, so it's something we think about a lot in education. I think learning how to learn is important, as is an understanding/appreciation of technology. For example, our daughter has a real interest in languages, and so we are going to let her explore development languages. As far as employment is concerned, it's absolutely relevant - I have interviewed so many young graduates interested in entry level positions and...
I'm sorry he's having this problem, and I hope you get answers soon! I haven't encountered this problem in any of our young family, but I have had some nasty hemmorhoids and their appearance is pretty unpleasant. While you're waiting for info, take comfort that most times weird stuff is just...weird...and probably nothing serious. 
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