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It's amazing how early this challenge has arisen for us! We don't have soda in the house, but I do bake (dairy and gluten free) cookies from time to time, and boy does my 16 month old LOVE cookies! I've had to curtail the baking a bit so that sweets can be special occasion foods. :)
Hehe that's adorable, Mom2010!
I found Mothering when I was looking for answers to questions about things like sleep sharing and natural parenting - and there were answers in abundance! Every time I needed encouragement, Mothering was here. At all hours of the night, too. ;) As my little girl grew I sought encouragement in extended breastfeeding, help when people were suggesting solids and I didn't think it was time, and research on healthy homemade baby food options when it was time.    The...
I don't know. My 16 month old understands hurt and ow, bruises and scrapes (and can say and sign about it), but she's a smart cookie so...I dunno what's normal anymore!!
This. For some of us, it matters. It helps. It's not about a green light to hothouse them, it's about understanding their nature and their needs.    For those of you that didn't/don't feel the need to know, it can come across as pretty negative when you respond to a parent's questions with, "Why do you need to/want to know this?" We're all trying our best.
Agree with the others - music and shape sorting are the standouts. really cool music gifts, btw! Like Tigerle says, you can tell if a child is gifted, but can't say they aren't!
This morning my 15 month old points at my solid blue shirt and says "circle". I'm like, er, I don't see a circle. She insists and points saying circle again. I tell her I don't understand. Exasperated, she yanks my shirt and bra down and points to, yeah, a circle. FYI, that's NOT how I've been approaching shape learning. 😳
Love the cleaning up the outside, OP! my dd is also fond if wet wipes lol. Head circumference, nope: my dd has a small head, as do I (HG) and my husband (eg).
I drink soda water but we don't have soda - she loves my bubbly water, though! DH and I have talked about it and decided that if she's at a birthday party and there's soda or they go to McDonald's, it's ok, no big deal. I dont want her to think it's apocalyptic. But we don't drink it at home (there's obv potential for real ginger ale when she's sick, but she's still too little). I could see if she requested it for a bday party getting it, but I'm hoping she'll think the...
Came across this article, and though it's a bit old I thought it might be of value given the number of posts on little ones lately. I found it helpful and it increased my conviction that "conventional" education may not best serve our daughter's needs.   Small poppies: Highly gifted children in the early years   Below is the summary, excerpted:          
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