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My divorced BF is prohibited from leaving the state with her two kids.
Yes! It's not okay to spend money on yourself this way when you could use that money to benefit the entire family.
We aren't religious. We traveled when the children were small to avoid all the gifts, parties and relatives that insist on Santa. Then, when my kids were 10 and 8, we literally "came home" and invented our little tradition of solstice. For us, its a Soup and Solstice party. A small potted tree trimmed with sun ornaments. Greenery and no presents at all. We tweak the details each year. One year I had a fire juggler at the party. One year we made honey cakes from the Roman...
Most of the atheists I know in real life are quietly biding their time until malls and other shopping areas are "safe" to enter again without the hustle and fuss of the holidays.
I had serious trust issues with my folks after having being lied to about all the fun stuff in my childhood. I left their home, their church and their lives for many years just as soon I turned 18. I mean, if santa, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny are all a hoax, your jesus and god must be made up, too. I'm still a non-believer and we did not do the santa myth or any magical stuff with our kids. You can still have a childhood with wonder and sparkle without parental...
No santa here. I had big time trust issues with my parents after discovering that most of the fun stuff in childhood was a lie and fabrication. (santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy) We traveled when the kids were small to avoid the holiday stuff and then we invented our own quiet solstice thing that we still do with them as teens.
Stay away from commercial tv and the mall, that's for darn sure. I like this notion, too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IN0W3gjnNE Oh, and just to be clear, I don't do xmas at all. I invented a small winter solstice tradition for my family. And here's a funny I love to share! If only it could be true. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9H9Fi4Qcus
I would forbid overnight or unsupervised visits for a time! Maybe they will get the message.
Totally agree. That kid has no business at your table if she's teaching your daughter bad habits.
The cranberry sauce and the canned pineapple could both be used with Bisquick to make a cake or muffins. Pineapple upside down cake comes to mind and cranberry muffins as well.The frozen banana can be used in banana bread, muffins or smoothies.I'd bake the chicken, eat it one night and then make soup with Bisquick dumplings with the leftovers another night.Can't help you with the pumpkin. I'm not sure my family calls that food. But pumpkin bread can be yummy, much like...
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