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I had it for a little while too… So, did it count as anaovulatory until you regulated?
Hello! New to FAM. I just had Mirena taken out and am breastfeeding at toddler (who sleeps through the night).    Here is my first cycle chart.    The vaginal sensation key is: D-dry, W-wet, L-Lube.    So, my temperature never rose, so I didn't ovulate, right? But my CP seems so distinct… Perhaps this is just anaovulatory bleeding? This is my first cycle off of mirnea (CD1 was the day after it was taken out).    Thanks ladies!
Hello! I just moved to Amsterdam and looking to meet other mamas. I have an 11 month old son. Could you message me about when these meetings are @Lillian? 
Awesome. Thanks for the information. I'm checking into housing there now.. It seems like a great fit based on several replies from a few different boards.    Are there any "bad parts" of Prescott? Streets/areas that get a little shifty during the evening or night? Places to avoid while looking at housing options?
Thanks for all the advice everyone.    So, I've posted a few places asking, and everyone seems to say Prescott, and NO ONE seems to say Phoenix. Why would that be? I am looking into Prescott... it seems like a great little town! Do you by chance know if there is an AP group there? Or any type of crunchy meet up?
Ah, you're sweet. I've actually lived in Austin before (I've moved around the country a lot growing up) and I'm not a huge fan. But if I pass through I'll shoot you an email! (:
Hello! I'm a single mama of a six month old baby man. I need some advice on which cities/towns to look into moving to. My job is completely online, so I won't be needing to look for that..  I'd like to: -Be close to a library, park, and grocery store -Only own a bicycle -Live close to other young families Another plus would be to live close to a tourist spot, because I quite enjoy hosting travellers and interacting with excitable non-locals. I would MUCH...
I'm really frustrated. I have medicaid. The name of the insurance through medicaid is United Healthcare Community Plan for Families. I called the insurance to ask for places here that take it, and they gave me a list. Called the whole list and none of them take it anymore. Called the insurance again and they told me to not mention that it was medicaid, just to say community plan for families. So I called everyone back, still no one took it. Called insurance again... they...
Since posting this I have changed a bit!   I'm renting a furnished place so now all I own are about 8 small toys for my almost 4 month old son, 4 complete outfits for him that can be switch and swaped to make it look like more, two dresses for me, a skirt, two shirts, one winter coat, one light jacket, two pairs of tights, one pair of socks and one pair of shoes. A very small amount of make up, 1 shampoo for both him and I, my laptop, my phone, and a small camera....
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