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Hello!   I am due in late september (and THRILLED about it) with my first born little boy. I'm a bit frustrated about the whole surname issue... My last name is O'Neill and it has been absolute hell going through life with this name. Everyone misspells it and banks sometimes don't recognise you because in their systems it's "O/Neill" or "O Neill" or even just "Oneill". Even in my college years, I was almost dropped out of school because of that rediculous apostrophe....
Hey thanks- I just registered. (:
Thanks WaitingMama... I have applied for Medicaid and it looks like they will help me. I think I might have found a good place... called "Woman's Contemporary Health Center" and they accept Medicaid and highly support natural birth and midwifes.    As for LLL, I have heard of it. What is it exactly? I always thought it was for mum's with their kids- not pregnant first timers. 
  Above is our announcement picture when I was only 8 weeks pregnant! We are preparing for our first to come in September this year. Below is 18 weeks into it:     If you want to follow more- check out the blog I made for my baby at www.rememberbaby.wordpress.com It has letters I am writing to my baby, pregnancy vlogs, and more! (:
Actually, I tried and it said that I didn't have the proper permissions. =/
  Hello!   My name is Anya Rose. I just moved to Union Square from living on a boat off the coast of South America. Talk about a culture shock! I'm in my 15th week right now and would absolutely love to have a girlfriend or two around the same time. I don't know a single girl in the area and literally just got to the states a couple of days ago. Any ages, any races, any languages... haha, just looking for a connection.    Let me know if you want to get...
Oh! That seems to fit better. Thanks, I'll post there. 
Thanks Beans... Yeah, it's pretty tough to come into a world of girls talking about who's hottest in the office and "let's go get drunk tonight!" when you're making a family. I never knew how much pregnancy can set you off from that part of the world. Ah well. My 21st birthday is tomorrow. I'll celebrate it eating fruit on my rooftop. Ha. Nothing is quite what you thought it would be, huh?
Are you from NY? (: 
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