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Oof, everyone is on a posting spree again this week. It's only tuesday, goodness!    This have been progressing for me slowly and steadily. My midwife mentioned I was 75% effaced, engaged and 1 cm dilated but we all know that doesn't mean much. She also had a tough time finding my cervix because it is so "soft" in there and she's been doing this for over a decade. So that made me feel waaaay better about having no clue where it was. ha! I DID start having warm up...
I am having a hospital birth as well and at first I was pretty disappointed... I had always imagined super natural and relaxing and I didn't think hospital births could be that way. I don't know if you like reading or not, but "Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds" by Cynthia Gabriel helped me SO much to come to terms with everything. I am actually reading it a second time now that I'm closer to laboring. (: Maybe it will help you too! 
Wow, so many women in transitory times. (: I hope we all stick together after our babies are born too- I LOVE coming here and being able to hear you ladies vent and be able to do the same!    Question...I've been having "menstral like cramps" as they call them... Basically a dull pain that comes and goes in my lower uterus. It doesn't feel like the sharper pelvic pain so I don't think it's my hips or anything. What do you ladies think? Maybe my cervix is...
Do you ladies know of any good places to buy nursing dresses or nursing dress patterns? I'm not really looking to spend 100$ on a dress and I'm having a hard time finding any good places to buy. 
D'ohmygosh... So cute.    I have a feeling this thread is totally going to be one of the ones holding me over this month until my LO comes. (: 
Ooh, yes please! I already love this thread. Feel free to post as many pictures as you'd like ladies!!! (: 
  So, evening primrose... Is that something that helps start labor even if you are nearly all effaced? Or does it just get you thinned out? How well do you mommas know it works?
      36 weeks! Only a few more weeks until Nico could show up.... (:
Oh my goodness!!! So adorable... (((:
Just got back from my midwifes. (: Everything was "right on schedule" as planned. She was pretty unconcerned about everything and we got to talk about labouring. She was like, "labour as long as possible at home that way you don't have to be bothered with any of us. Come in when you feel like it and we'll make your comfortable too. You can labour however you want and birth however you want." It was so nice to see how chill she was at all of it. I requested a cervix check...
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