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Yes, of course! I'll go look for you now. Did I post the group page? Here's the link for the page. It's private, so CJ will have to approve you. :) Hope to see you over there! 
How about you add me as a friend, then I can add you to the group! You should be able to look me up by me email w/fb. It's mrs.nataliedavis@yahoo.com   Courtney, I hope we can get you added! You are missing out! 
Alaskanne, did you get added yet? 
Jackie, so sweet with the beard!! Love it! And so sorry that you guys had to do a blood draw already. No fun. DD1 is coming up on her yearly, and though she is almost six, it's just awful every time.   Have you been knitting at all lately? I have just been so busy over here that I haven't been up to much over the last few weeks. I'm pretty much a seasonal knitter. When it's cold, you have to pry the needles away from me! Not so much with spring finally here!  Kel-...
Erin, sounds like Judah is sleeping like True! Sleep was great for a while, but yeah, we are up every few hours. He's either in the co-sleeper, in bed with me, or on my chest. Little snuggle. But the days of nursing him back to sleep in the morning are over for now! We are up around 8 every day, with a nap around 9:30 on my chest in the mornings.  We are getting over a cold over here. Judah's first one and my first of the season. I've been using EO's and think that...
What a great story, Jen! I'm so happy to read it! 
Jen, that is so exciting about your upcoming travel!! Also, hilarious about Talysen and his burping! Silly guy! 
nak one handed so bear with me! Self diagnosed, but I'm pretty sure I had copper toxicity with my paraguard two years ago. I was so tired all the time, depressed, and even startd getting migraines. all symptoms disappeared when i got the thing out, so yeah, i stay away from them now. DH is willing to get a vasectomy this summer, but lately, I'm not so sure. part of me wants to go through pregnancy again just to heal from everything i've gone through with judah. is that...
Tears over here, Amanda!! I'm so happy for you!! I'm so glad that you were able to heal from your previous birth and that you are all doing great! So crazy about Marlowe's ear presentation! xoxoxxo
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