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Anyitara and hotsauce, how are you doing, ladies?! Any babies yet?    Congratulations, Jakesmama!! 
So, instead of a weekly thread, how about monthly since so many of us are busy busy with newbies? How's everyone doing?    I wrapped Judah for the first time tonight! It was great and I can't wait to practice this week! Our local AP group has a sling library where we can rent carriers from so that's what I did tonight. In other news, his colicky-ness has toned down a ton and I feel like we are starting to get the hang of three. J was a month old on Sunday! I can't...
Congratulations, Saadia! Hassan is such a cutie! 
  I apologize in advance for the brain dump!! But here it is!     So, here goes: Braxton hicks contractions started before 30 weeks with this pregnancy. They came whenever I did too much and I was having regular, timeable bouts of them by 38 weeks. Two days after Thanksgiving, I had over 4 hours of intense contractions that came every 4-8 minutes. They fizzled out, but had me wondering if I was going to go the usual 42ish weeks like I had with the girls. Going...
oh sweet mama, sending big hugs to you!!! We share such similar stories with the long labor/hospital transfer. I'm right there with you on reading all of these beautiful homebirth stories. I still haven't written out J's birth story and he will be 4 weeks old on Thursday, as I'm still processing what happened.  I'm so glad that your hospital experience was what it was and that you didn't have to fight for anything. 
Kel!! Congratulations!! I love the way you have told your story above, wise mama. Pepper is such a sweet, tiny thing! I'm so glad everything went well for you. Enjoy your baby moon time! xoxox
Just checking back here to see if Kel had posted anything. I'm thinking about you, mama!!    Christy, congratulations, mama!! What a fast birth!! 
I haven't had time to read all of the posts for the week but just saw the last one. Kel- thinking of you mama!! I hope things pick up for you soon so you can meet that baby!! 
Hey mamas! How are you all doing? Lots more babies being born lately!    Yes! He does have thrush :( My chiropractor saw a little in his mouth on Tuesday so I've been doing probiotics in his mouth since then and hoping that will help. I'm also still taking probiotics and trying to eat healthier too, so I can get my good bacteria numbers back up.    Lilac- I would rewash them, too. I also suggest coconut oil for peely skin!    Lorell- you are making milkshakes over there!!...
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