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Hi Kontessa! And welcome!  You sure so have a lot of stuff going on, but you will be welcome here! As for your hospital issues, are there any waivers you would be able to sign to keep baby with you at all times?  Also, are going to get a doula? She would be a giant help in the hospital. You might even look into a doula team for extra support.   I hope this pregnancy is easy on you! 
Aww, travelmumma! That's awful! I really hope this is not someone you consider a friend and more an acquaintance.      I haven't had any negative reactions, but it's probably because I only surround myself with people I absolutely love to be with. (When I'm not feeling like I completely trust a "friend," or know I would never leave my kids with that person, I get the hell out of there and pretty much avoid that person! I know how that might sound but life is too...
Oh Kawa, I wish you didn't have all of that unneeded stress. I would absolutely lie about your dates if that gives you more time. It's just sucky that you have to do that in the first place.  And a castor oil induction?   I did that with my first and do not wish that on any woman!    (((big hugs))) 
I think I've decided to NOT find out this time.  I found out with my other two, but this time around, I'm not so sure about doing an ultrasound just to find out.  Give me about ten weeks though, and I may have changed my mind 
Great photos ladies! And keep them coming!!    My food baby is definitely growing!! I'm scared for what the weekend will bring, since we will be out of town and eating out mostly. Also, it is DD's birthday, so I've had cupcakes and candy all day! I'll probably post again on Monday cause I'm sure something will be showing by that point!
Here is one of two of the t-shirts I did today. I just bought a size larger than I normally wear and added elastic to the side seams. Instant maternity shirt!     
Kale, have you thought about getting four bases and two infant seats?  We did that with my first- bought one infant seat, but two bases for each car. It worked out great!! 
Zebra and flatlader, thank you so much for those links! Those are so great!!   I think when I start making stuff, I'll post pics back to this thread. Sound fun?
I like this idea, too!    So, I've started making things for this baby already and I can't stop! I need to switch over to cream colors because I've been mostly doing blues.  Also, we bought a car yesterday to accommodate this baby! I wanted to post that on here but wasn't sure an entire thread was needed for that. Just wanted to see who else was needed to expand their vehicle for this new baby?   It's an SUV type of car, with a third row of seats so we will be able...
    I just bought this book and am waiting for it to come in the mail right now!  I have Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little One's but am definitely wanting to sew more for me right now.     I did just buy a few t shirts from the Gap last night a size up so I can sew some elastic to the side seams.  I love my maternity shirts like that because they don't look that maternity-ish.    Here's a few links of things I'd like to try to make for...
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