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I have had so many wild dreams/nightmares! Two of them that I remember were baby dreams. The first one I dreamed I had a little girl and I kept forgetting about her. I'd set her down somewhere like she was a doll and walk off and totally forget I had left her there. Upon remembering about her, I'd rush back in a panic to find her just fine and where I'd left her. Sometimes it was on something tall where she could have rolled off and hurt herself badly. At the end of the...
So, I was always a missionary kind of gal. Love the closeness and being able to relax and concentrate, but my hubby is a bottom kind of guy and he's really good at it so I've learned to really like it! I would definitely say yes to the lubricant. Even if you don't usually need it, it's really handy to have it around when things get a little too frictioney. Also, my favorite version of missionary, which works especially well with the baby bump: you know the bridge? You...
Oh, no! Sorry to hear about the pain! Hopefully the chiropractor can help you out with that. Maybe try swimming if other things are too painful. Swimming is great exercise and very easy on your joints. The best thing for me to get on a good exercise schedule is having a workout buddy. Maybe find someone else who would like to swim with you?
Ava's mama: congrats on the little boy and I love the names you're thinking about! I lucked out with the circumcision decision because my DH is intact. (HOORAY!) One thing you might add to your ammo, if you think your DH might be opposed to it based on what he think looks better: there are some youtube videos with attractive women talking about how much they love the intact penis! Also, there are some lists of very sexy male celebrities who are intact - I know that's...
I don't know why but I always love meeting other tall women. There aren't many of us up in the 6 ft range! I'm sure the long torso will be nice in the third trimester comfort-wise, but I just can't help but lament that it's not blaringly obvious that I'm halfway through my pregnancy already!  
I just do all the same high-intensity weight training that I would do if I wasn't pregnant and I've just been modifying things to do what feels comfortable. Body weight exercises are great to do at home: squats, planks, pushups and so forth. I also like sprints in the field by my house. Doesn't take much time to get in a good workout if you keep it short and intense. This may all change when I grow more and more, but for now it works great!
I'm 20 weeks, 4 days today! We had our big ultrasound at just over 18 weeks and little man was doing just great and cute as can be! Since this is our first, I'm just reveling in how incredible it feels having all of those little kicks and squirms inside me. Every time he gives me a good thump, I can't help but let out a little, "Ooo, son! You kicked me!" My placenta is in the front which means I may not feel him as much as some do, but I love his soft little tickles and...
This sounds like fun! My EDD is also Sept 1st.
Hi everyone! I'm new here and soon-to-be first time mom. We just found out we're having a boy and he's due September 1st. Two days before my birthday! Here's a picture of my 20 week belly. It doesn't look like much in the morning just yet, but by the end of the day, it's a happy buddha belly!
I'm going to try out utahnaturalmeat this weekend! I'll let you know. Also, check out www.localharvest.com. You can search your area for all kinds of local foods and things.
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