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Per Cynthia's instructions in post 59 of this thread http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1384035/i-feel-like-i-am-the-only-one-in-the-world-that-choses-not-to-vaccinate/40 I am posing the question of who, exactly, is permitted to post in this forum. Lest this thread disappear without a trace, I am PMing Cynthia, so she will be aware of the discussion. I generally post in I'm Not Vaccinating because I dislike being bombarded with provax rhetoric. Because of that, when I...
I have an issue with this suggestion, which I posted, and a moderator had removed. I will pursue the matter in other ways.
I used to make a great whole grain bread (if I do say so myself), but haven't in years and can't find the recipe. It used a combination of grains (whole wheat, whole wheat pastry flour, millet and oat), brown rice syrup and barley malt, with a touch of molasses for sweeteners, yeast and rice milk. I was trying to duplicate my aunts' bread, which I *loved* growing up! I hope this information inspires you to try experimenting with different grains and sweeteners. The...
CherryBombMamma, if you're still reading, what's been happening recently? LLQ1011 -- do not pay attention to what doctors say about breastfeeding. My experiences lead me to believe that doctors are the *worst* sources of information about breastfeeding. To demonstrate the kind of breastfeeding advice I have gotten, over the years, from doctors, let me tell you this story. I had a woman pediatrician tell me I could ask her breastfeeding questions because she had breastfed...
I would try eliminating dairy for a week. There may be a connection between a food allergy and the enlargement. I'm glad he will not be alone! That's great! It's still very stressful He no doubt feels very out of control, and I don't blame him. It's *his* body, yet you are deciding this must be done. I know your reasons are because you want him to sleep better, and be able to swallow easily, but he is used to things being the way they are, and at his age, resists change....
Does he know the surgery is coming? How does he feel about it? Have you tried an elimination diet to see if problem with the tonsils and adenoids is food related. For me, it was dairy, if you'd like a place to start. If you go ahead with the surgery, will he be staying in the hospital overnight alone? It seems to me related to the surgery. Is it possible to wait?
I would apologize, but if the person didn't also apologize. I wouldn't let that person be in charge of my child again. I wouldn't say anything, but just make an excuse if asked for another opportunity. Oh if you point out to the child that the nausea and vomiting was caused by too much sugar and artificial coloring, she might start policing her own food intake. My son did at 3 1/2.
I have no real idea. Each day is different, and as he got older I spent less time worrying about it or keeping track. Most important for me was "is he learning/advancing?" If the answer was "yes", I didn't worry. Until I had to get the portfolio together, and had to find samples to include, but *that* is another topic!
I'm still sounding harsher than I'd like, so I'm pulling out, for now. I'm just too overworked right now to participate well. I've said what I think, and I'm not going to try to clear up what seem to be misunderstandings about what I said. Either it's clear by now or not, but I don't have the time to polish my responses to make my points clear without offending, so I will simply wish the OP luck and move on.
I probably shouldn't even post this spring. Spring is usually hectic, and this year is worse! Unfortunately I miss having the distraction and steal a few minutes here and there replying, but lack the time to practice diplomacy. My apologies.
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