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The paper would have reported adults being paralyzed, if there had been any. So, I'm pretty sure only children were affected. Grasping at straws to keep the "vaccines are safe" argument alive is not science at all.
Maybe he has reflux issues or migraines. It just sounds to me like he's in pain. Keep a food-sleep diary. Write what you both eat each day (if he eats anything besides breastmilk), and how he sleeps (when he wakes crying, how long he cries, etc). See if there is any connection between food and the waking. It's been a long time since I had a baby. Maybe someone else will have better suggestions.
I think I need an example to really understand what you are looking for. In general, I let my son leave a task, then after he's calmer, bring it up again. So he can't get the lego dog look like the picture. After he's calmer, I'll ask if it matters that the dog is all one color, or if it could have spots (if the problem was not enough red blocks). So then he can know it's ok to walk away from something to regroup and go back. I do that myself. My son knows that if I quit...
If the paralysis was caused by water, food, or something airborne, an adult or two would likely be affected. Since only children became paralyzed, it is logical to conclude that the cause was most likely something only children were exposed to. Since the result was paralysis, which involves the nervous system, and meningitis also involves the nervous system, it seems likely that the vaccine is the cause. At least much more likely than the water.
I think it's possible to have friends with a different style, as long as both sides respect the other's choices.
My pet peeves involve either being a guest or guests at my house. For example, I lived with my sister one summer, and made my own food. My brother-in-law would just eat directly out of the pan, without asking if I meant to eat the leftovers for lunch. Drove me nuts!
I say honor your instincts. If you have concerns that your mil is a poor influence, then minimize contact, especially unsupervised contact. It is your job to protect your child. I wish I had listened to my instincts about my parents. It wasn't until after they traumatized my son that I had the confidence to cut contact. There were years spent correcting the damage. Better to prevent it, I think.
Things were bad, for a while. I'm curious, has the ring been replaced?
For those who expect their children to behave as though guests in their own home, I certainly hope you are behaving like good hosts. I have *never* been told I must eat three bites of something before I can leave the table when I am a guest. I would not return to have dinner in a house where I am told to eat what's before me or just sit there and maybe grab myself an apple after dinner. It is a double standard to expect a child to behave as a guest, while the cook/server...
It's not about being a short order cook, but is about respect going from parent to child as well as from child to parent. No one said the children should be allowed to be obnoxious. I thought that was abundantly clear in the early responses. However, the parent is not allowed to be obnoxious, either, and some of the more recent posts are bordering on parental poor behavior. And a situation where a child is repeatedly bypassing the meal shows questionable choices for...
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