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I wasn't going to enter this discussion because I homeschooled my son, but I have to speak up for children! I had a horrible teacher for three very long years. She, too, picked out certain kids and made life miserable. The rest were treated like royalty! If you talked with the ones treated well, you would get one picture. The ones who were targeted had a differeny view. I am appalled that any adult would discount the opinions of a few students in favor of one good report...
I'm a bit confused. Are you looking for one hour when you can do something else, so all four are working at the same time?
Our reasons for homeschooling didn't change because of the number of children. And going to school is not automatic socialization. Some kids don't fit in, and are loners. So, for me, the number of children is not a deciding factor. I am curious about *why* you plan to homeschool.
What I can never understand is why is the vaccination reaction shrugged off, but disease complications are not? Why are they not the same? It is not really how many get chicken pox, or whatever, but how many suffer complications versus how many suffer vaccine reactions. Of course, in order to do that, vaccine reactions must first be acknowledged.
Mint is stimulating. Chamomile and lavender are good. Not sure about mugwort.
Thanks!Obviously I believe in taking action versus just complaining, since that's what I'm doing, but I regret the hostile way I presented that idea.
I've thought about this a lot since my last post. I have tried to explain my point, multiple times, but can't find a way to do so without looking more ego-centric than I already do. Here goes this attempt. I have a temper. That's not justification for opening my mouth without thinking. It is, however, a fact. I do work on it. And have more work to do. I have written a book that provides (I hope) entertainment for children while avoiding certain ills that I see in...
Was it your mother's idea that you should diet?
I read the entire thread this morning. I see I missed a few important posts on page one. I apologize for sticking my foot in a hornet nest by posting without realizing the direction the thread had taken. I would like to point out that my point about authors was reinforced by the comment about Harry Potter characters being stereotypical. Should Rowling have done something different? Not written the books? Authors can be criticized for trying, and for not trying. It is...
If possible, get to know the teacher ahead of time, with your son. If he feels comfortable with him/her, that will help. I think. I ended up homeschooling, so I never faced this issue. Therefore, I don't have a lot of practical advice. Just commiseration. Sorry I'm not more help. Mainly I just want to chime in with agreement that parenting style is not the problem. Good luck finding ways to address this.
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