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I agree with the attitude of "try one way now, and change as needed". That is, after all, one of the benefits of homeschooling -- flexibility.
The link for the washington post article doesn't work for me. Also I'm wondering why Ms. Hare doesn't write fiction herself. She writes well, and understands the niche perfectly. And surely a publishing company can be formed by a group of like minded folks, if publishers aren't accepting such books.
Pushing babies to eat, then being surprised when they fail to realize when they are full when they're older is an issue. Education can help with that. Worrying about whether or not the parent(s) is/are neglecting may not correct the problem as much as identifying underlying causes of obesity, and addressing those with practical change. Education may be a part of the process. Only if the parent(s) is/are uncooperative would I worry about about neglect or abuse.
To reiterate, to be sure there is no projecting going on, I encourage speaking with a therapist before taking drastic steps. The OP's plan of action seems reasonable. Further change, without professional input, makes me concerned that it might be a case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
I don't think any of us talking about fairness are discussing needs. That can certainly be understood. We are talking about about expressions of love, be it in objects or actions. Music lessons for the older children, but not for the "spoiled" youngest, simply because the parents are done with that, and "besides, you wouldn't practice, anyway" . And the child never gets to prove the parents are wrong. Mixers or needed clothes as gifts, while siblings get games or toys or...
Want to start a "crappiest present" thread?Back to the OP :As you can see, favoritism will be remembered. Avoid it, and all should be well.Regarding hand-me-downs, a personalized item cannot be handed down.
What I am saying about the tapestry is that parents sometimes have less time than they anticipate having. That's such a large project. You may take until age 4 for the 4th child, but never complete it for the fifth, and not even start it for the sixth, not realizing until they're leaving the nest. It sounds delightful! It also sounds like a lot of work if you're planning a large family. Just pointing that out to you, that's all. I hope it works out well for you. All in...
Since you are not clear about my point, I will explain it again.First, let me say that I am holding the *parents* (adults) accountable for the lack of financial support given to authors. Parents set the tone from the time the child is a toddler, or even a baby, about the value of books. Too many refuse to spend $4.00 for a book (which a new author typically gets only $0.40 from, by the way). If parents take the time and make the effort to search out and support new authors...
Also, I've been thinking about who writes books. People who are out having lots of experiences and getting to know lots of people really well? Such outgoing people may not want to write, because writing is a pretty solitary occupation.
Authors don't have to live in a cave to be lacking the depth of understanding to write characters of other ethnic groups. And it takes more than imagination to get the nuances of a different ethnic background. Otherwise, a supposedly Chinese character ends up with a Korean name and a British, white, middle class personality, for example. Keep in mind that authors are trying to support themselves financially, and when some people refuse to buy books at full price, it can...
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