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Reinstating the old schedule is reasonable. I didn't understand that was what you were planning earlier. If you are still holding anger from your own past, therapy can help. And she may be finding it difficult to connect with friends because of trust issues from her marriage. So she is focusing on those she feels comfortable with -- family. I think you can help your own relationship with your mother if you stop trying to fix her. Maybe, just maybe, if she doesn't feel...
It's tricky for a writer to write characters outside of the personal ethnic background. If the author has close enough friends, it will work out alright, but otherwise there will be mistakes. For example, a poetry competition winner recited a poem about Cho Chang from Harry Potter and the errors made attempting to include someone of Asian background. Should authors try and misrepresent other ethnic groups? Or should they write what they know? Sorry if this is too far off...
Things should be fair, which is not the same as identical. The example of one child getting a present on everyone's birthday, when the siblings only got presents on their own birthdays, is UNfair. A newborn getting a handknitted blanket, whose siblings do not is reasonable. Newborns don't really care who gives them things, and subsequent children can be told the blanket is a gift to ALL the babies in the family. My uncle made a stool shaped like a turtle for the...
I am so sorry about your mother's attitude, and your child's dislike of riding in the back alone! I had to deal with both, as well. It really stinks! I'm glad you feel confident about your choices. My son is a teen, now, and people tell me how impressed they are with his confidence and compassion, so hopefully you, too, will get to hear compliments about your daughter!
The fact is we are unlikely to go back in time to when everything is made at home. Better regulation of the foods available would address the actual issue.
We didn't have any requirements at age 6. He could read, but couldn't sit still, so I read to him. A lot! Math? We played games and he got to be banker or score keeper. We talked about whatever came up in the world around us. Boy! They were fun times! Later, I stressed about higher math (algebra, trig, calculus), and made sure he at least got some exposure. But you have *years* before needing to worry about that! Be involved and keep things fun, for now. That's my advice.
I'm not sure it started with Wonder Bread, but what meemee is saying is along the same lines as what I am saying. Instead of wondering if the parents are negligent, we should be setting limits on just how bad food is allowed to be. Actually look for solutions instead of who is to blame.
I'm not sure how old I was. Little, I know that. An uncle died, and we went to the funeral. Very young. I don't know any more than that.
I didn't find it at all comforting to be told who was going to take care of me if my parents died. It made me obsess about it more. I don't have a really good answer for those kinds of questions. Though if you have religious beliefs, you can pray together that she will live as long as she has hopes and dreams and goals, or that she is surrounded by caregivers who she loves and feels comfortable being with. I truly believe those kinds of prayers are effective. I guess it...
Oops! I probably shouldn't have responded. I saw the title in new posts and read it because of homeschooling in the title. Sorry!
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