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I really dislike the allergy vs intolerance vs sensitivity thing! It may be important, medically, but in conversation it only interrupts the flow to nitpick the choice of words!
We had tv and cable, before I had a child, and watched too much. We now watch very little. Over the years we went through many changes. Based on those experiences, here are my suggestions. If you have tv and cable or satellite, stop the service. You'll need an hdtv box. After watching shows with poor reception, you'll probably be ready for watching DVDs that you buy or borrow. Don't get Netflix, or you'll still watch too much. You have to keep it difficult to get new...
My son gets migraines from artificial colors, among other things. If he wanted a treat with artificial color, I would be reluctant to say he can't have it. He is the one to live with the pain. On the other hand, I'm too sensitive to both dairy and soy to agree to consume either. Although neither of us try to get anyone to provide special food for us. So, I'm not sure if you would object to our choices. (I doubt my son would opt for the treat, but I suppose it's possible.)
I agree with meemee. I went through it with my son, too. I also tried bunches of things, with mixed results. Time was what was needed. Time for him to mature. I will say he was good about leaving if we had to be somewhere at a certain time. But if the time to leave was set by me (arbitrary to his perspective), then he would delay and delay. So she probably just needs to do some growing up. In the meantime, what worked most often (about half the time) for my son was to give...
I said already that no grandparent is better than a toxic one. I, too, hate the blanket "grandparents are important" view. I just want more info before judging *this* grandma. Also, I want more info before agreeing that the grandma is putting the granddaughter at the center of her emotional universe. There were no examples supporting that statement, unless I missed it.
It's difficult to be sure the child is being smothered. When she starts wanting less of grandma's attention and is still getting it, then it's more certain. At this point I would give grandma the benefit of the doubt. I know people who were the center of attention when their grandmothers were around, and they missed those grandmothers when they died. They have lots of confidence, and credit their confidence to the support and encouragement by their grandmothers. I never...
Target also has bed rails.
I cannot prevent you from posting, just as you cannot prevent me from asking the OP to return and answer questions. Personally, I wish you had taken what I had written last year at face value. You questioned me then, remember?
Yes, I know this is a discussion board. However you do not have personal knowledge of the individuals involved. The OP, alone, can answer what is so troubling to her.
In rereading the original post, I have different concerns. The OP has diagnosed her mother. That is concerning to me. I have never told my mother I think she is a narcissist. Why would I? I don't expect her to change. Nor do I expect her to admit it. And I might be wrong. I do know that I and my son are not comfortable around her. That is good enough. But in this case the child clearly enjoys being with the grandmother. It is possible that mother and daughter rub each...
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