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It sounds like maybe her boyfriend wants her to breastfeed, but she wants to bottle feed with someone else's breastmilk. So she's flip-flopping on the issue. Can she buy donated breastmilk? I've heard some areas are starting breastmilk banks. I have no idea where, or how to find one. Or how expensive it is.
Your daughter had a meeting with the girl's parents? Was your husband there, at least? That would not sit well with me if she was alone. Or even with a school rep.I hope things improve for you, quickly!
I think your expectations are a little high for 4 1/2. It sounds like you are expecting him to pick up after himself, which is unlikely. If I'm reading that wrong, I'm sorry. You could pick up his playthings and make putting them away a game. Maybe timing him, or see how many get in the right place. Have a reward ready if he does well. Before giving the reward, admire the cleaned up space, so eventually the admiration becomes the reward, then even later he will admire it...
Based on who had sleepwalking and night terrors in my family (siblings) those with food intolerances had them. I wonder if there's a connection. If I had a child with this problem, I'd keep a food -sleep diary, to see if there's a connection to anything.
I hope things *are* getting better (and not just temporarily)! It's so difficult when a child hates the carseat.
We have food issues, so everything is pretty much from scratch. Still, there are some nights I don't feel like cooking. We all have those days. Since packaged foods are not possible, I needed to make my own items that are frozen and can be simply reheated. Some ideas -- Homemade pizzas (individual size) Stew or soup Everything but the kitchen sink muffins (sort of like a sandwich, ready to go) Peanut butter sandwich cookies (only as much sweetener as bread, but...
I agree with the idea of working up to a two week visit. Does the divorce specify the two week visit? Either way, I'd talk to the ex and explain that it would be best to increase the length of visits gradually, so they can get to know each other in a less stressful way.
We buy grass fed ground beef, and just put olive oil in the skillet before the beef to brown it. Tasty! It has a lower fat content, so it would stick to the pan without the oil. This way, it doesn't stick and olive oil is a healthy fat.
If he agreed to no overnights until the child has weaned, why was this extended visit planned?
I wonder what the rate of co-sleeping is in Finland.
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