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Children bully, and harassment is bullying. So, "yes", children can harass. And in this case the harassment is clearly sexual. Is a young child as responsible as an older child for being a bully? No. The level of responsibility for the behavior increases with age. No matter what you call it, as her parent you are responsible for protecting her and modeling appropriate behavior for to follow (if she chooses) as an adult. So, if the situation was one where a coworker is...
Finding good friends is made difficult, too often, by narcissistic people who take over a group and make it so uncomfortable for the non-narcissistic that they drift away. And usually wonder what's wrong with them. Usually, they are the healthy ones, because they prefer not to be made to feel small, which is what narcissists frequently do, to boost their narcissistic egos. It even happens here, sometimes. Sorry. Venting. I will drift to the background, again.
She posted with the very clear request for SUPPORT of her parenting decisions on a forum that CLAIMS to be there for support purposes. No one is looking for approval for our choices. We were sharing experiences and supporting, and even congratulating, each other for having made difficult decisions and sticking with them. All that is good. All that is what this site CLAIMS to be here to provide. However, when others disagree, and find it necessary to attempt to undermine...
Unexplained headaches and tinnitus can be symptoms of food allergies/intolerances. Sometimes a food-symptom log or diary can help pinpoint the problem. Other times an elimination diet works better. Keep searching for the cause.
My son gets migraines from sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners. I tell people all the time that there can be a connection between behavior and food, especially artificial ingredients. An oncoming migraine can cause mood issues, which cause behavior issues. I encourage parents struggling with behavior issues with either themselves or their child(ren) to explore the possibility that something being consumed is causing the problem.
There are no rules regarding spelling and reading, in my opinion. I was an early reader, a sight reader, and was a good speller in school. I could memorize the list for the weekly quiz or periodic test, and let it fade as the words were not used. Some words I only learned to spell recently, or maybe relearned. Either way, I know they'll slip away if they don't get used enough. Boy, am I grateful for spellcheck!
Not messing up our children is something to be proud of. As someone who is still healing from a crappy childhood, it is possible to appear OK, and yet struggle with self-esteem issues that hold you back from doing all you are capable of doing. I wanted my son to step into adulthood as unencumbered as possible. AP is certainly not a "magic bullet", since it is something done continuously, not once and done. Decisions are made throughout each and every day, which comprise...
Four year olds have a hard time waiting. Try singing "Let's think of something to do while we're waiting" from Mr. Rogers, or count how long it takes for you to complete your task. Eventually she will learn (hopefully) to do these things herself. Mostly, I think, the child simply wants to be sure you're not going to forget! It does get easier -- eventually.
Wow! Great observation! Sounds like those in charge are backing off this issue, doesn't it?
And it is happening here on the other issues, too!
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