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This is was jumped out at me, too!
I was told by a mom that car washes recycle the water, which is why they are allowed to remain open during droughts. So, if that's true, I think I'd vote 'car wash'. Now to confirm the recycling.
In one of the seven where women tend to get paid slightly more than men, or one of the ten with the smallest gap?Sorry. Possibly not important, just like to get my details straight. If you prefer not to answer, I understand.
I worked for years (underpaid) before having my son, and switching to being a stay-at-home-mom. There are benefits to working, and benefits to being home. In an ideal world, we would not have to choose. Unfortunately, we do have to choose. But we should respect each other's choices. There's enough judgment outside of the mothering world, I hope here we can have less.
I didn't understand from the original post that she was currently sick. I apologize for thinking this was a theoretical discussion. In the future, if her throat is so sore, perhaps ice or frozen tea/drink/broth chips would be helpful. The cold would temporarily numb the throat. Hot items would have the opposite effect.
It can be difficult when one doesn't really understand the situation to say the right thing and be helpful. Most of the time, posters are trying to help. We only get a snippet of your life, and color that through our own experiences. The result is imperfect, at best. Still, if you sift through the suggestions, sometimes there will be a golden nugget of helpful advice, so I'm going to throw my advice into the mix, and hope there is some value for you. If there isn't, please...
When my son told me that the way the word was spelled was 'wrong', I agreed that it was not sensible. Then, as, I think, SweetSilver suggested, I would talk about where the word came from, etc. It helped that I started by finding something to agree about, before discussing anything else. For a time, I typed on the computer while my son dictated. That also helped with the spelling issue, and he saw the benefit of using the computer. But my son refused to write with pencil...
Not OK with it, either. Not in the least! There *has* to be another way to catch these people!
But they claim adverse reactions or complications from the diseases are occuring in larger numbers than adverse reactions to the vaccines. And since most vaccine reactions are denied, there is no way to objectively look at the situation! It is frustrating! I'd like to make decisions based on facts, but there's only denial and conjecture.
I struggled, too. You're not alone. Too bad we can't connect in person!
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