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Sorry about the misunderstanding. I hope you aren't too annoyed. My son didn't care about spelling, and learned only when he started typing his own documents on WordPad, which has no spell check. Then he had to check the spelling somewhere else, like at the library. At that point he was motivated to learn how to spell, so that less time was spent editing. That doesn't help you, I'd guess, since your son is younger than mine was. Good luck!
I'm still hoping for an update. How did the meeting go? PM me if you don't want to talk about it publicly. And don't feel embarrassed if the school got the upper hand yesterday. Just make sure you get ready for the fall as soon as you get over what happened so far.
Clearly he's looking for how to spell, not why he's not supposed to spell, or not supposed to want to spell. Answer his questions calmly, without judgment, so he knows this is normal. Use a dictionary or spell check to look up the words you're not certain about. And don't worry about when others started spelling. The point of homeschooling is to be able to adapt to each child's unique interests.
OP, you said she doesn't get sick often. When she does get sick, is it for a lengthy time, or does she get over it in 24-48 hours?
When my son is sick he also refuses to eat. I honor that, and keep cool water available for him to sip, so he doesn't dehydrate. Rest and water usually works. Honey, a sugar, suppresses the immune system, and will keep her sick for longer. The same is true for juices. The only tea I give him is unsweetened ginger-raspberry, if he has nausea and vomiting. Even that, he will only take a sip, if necessary. Usually, he gets well quickly when I honor his body. Good luck.
Which? The antibiotic properties of chamomile, or why chlorine is added to tap water?
Maybe. And that would *still* mean our experiences are different.
Why would chamomile not attack helpful bacteria? An antibiotic is an antibiotic.
Then it would seem that you and I have had different experiences.
He was enrolled in school, and therefore can be considered truant. What happened at the meeting? I've been thinking of you all day. I hope it went well!
New Posts  All Forums: