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If the religious organizations don't have the right to keep their views represented *within* the organization, then it's only a matter of time before parental rights are stripped, as well. If you don't agree with the organization, then think carefully before taking a job with that group.
Maybe that's the problem, the lower baseline pay.Edited to add -- I don't think I was hired during a recession, so that takes me back to 'women don't get paid as much as men'.
I'm glad that's true for you. My experience, and others I know, has been different.
I have been given advice by overweight people, telling what I "needed" to change, when my weight and health were both good. Sorry, but I'm biased by those experiences.
The conventional food grown nowadays is much less nutritious than what was grown a generation or two ago.
I think it probably is mostly due to single mothers. Or if the husband has an occupation that does not require a college education, while the wife has one that does. Because if they both have the same education level, and similar occupations, the man still makes more.
Sorry he said that, and is causing trouble with your husband's views. If necessary, find another expert to set the record straight with your husband.
Schools prefer to keep the students who are doing well. So, hopefully, they will not make an issue about the one who needs extra help. Let us know what happens.
Confidence is key when dealing with an interfering school official. Be respectful, of course, but act as though there is no doubt in your mind that what you are doing is legal. Edited to add: sorry, not sure if you'll see this before the meeting. I hope all goes/went well!!!
But the child is asking mom, not making it part of a casual conversation, unless I missed something.
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