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I am a bit confused. It would help if you would clarify your children and who is doing what. In the meantime, it sounds like the one who is actually struggling was not supposed to go to summer school, which is what you wanted so you could work with him alone. Correct? And now the school wants you to sign him up? The solution is to say that you already made other arrangements for him, and it is not possible for you to change them now. Your other option is to simply pull...
Want to talk about the obese nutritionist giving out advice on eating healthy? Sometimes those who work in healthcare are worse than the average person, because they have a fatalistic attitude about health, in general.
Sorry, Kamiro, I quoted you when I asked about people in apartments growing their own food. What I quoted wasn't what I was referring to!! I will see if I can find what I intended to reference. My apologies for the confusion! Edited to add -- I can't find it. Oh, well. Maybe I read it somewhere else. My phone kicks me out at times and plays other funny games with me. I would be interested in a thread about container gardening, as well as using worms for composting....
It is the entire food industry that needs to be curtailed, not just those receiving assistance. And maybe we should alter the work day, as well. Seven hour days, instead of eight, to give people time to make dinner at night. Sugary cereals would be illegal, and therefore unavailable, and sugary buns in fast food places would be outlawed as well. That's what I'm talking about. Lucky Charms would *have to* change, or be in violation of a law. All cereal companies would face...
What are his interests? And he will likely want time doing nothing, after nine months of school.
I think you have a good handle on this. Good luck!
It is never the right thing to shut down a conversation with a child. What goes unanswered will fester, and who knows how it will next appear -- and it *will* appear again. That you can count on.
Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Just because there might be a bit of squabbling down the road is no reason to not try to avoid huge hurt feelings. It's like driving. No matter how much you follow the rules of the road, you may have an accident. But does that mean you should throw caution to the wind and drive on the wrong side of the road for kicks?
I really wished that my husband had been the type I could trust, since I was the overprotective type, but it wasn't to be. Instead, I made choices about what I would tolerate, as conscious decisions. My son was allowed to climb so high in the tree without a spotter. Above that height he needed to have an adult nearby, just in case of an accident. My son respected that limit, and I felt better that he could explore while I remained somewhat overprotective.
Why bring up Gardasil and the point? Doesn't Gardasil cause dizziness in some, which means Gardasil *could* be responsible for the death. A poor example, though I understand the point.
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